Ragu’s Mom’s The Word On Dinner

Oh, mama mia!

Dinner in my house is never, ever, ever (EVER) easy. Everyone keeps telling me it will get easier as they get older… but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m trying to be optimistic! 😉

Ragu is helping moms everywhere when it comes to their dinnertime-ness… oh, yes – because in my house, that’s what it is, dinnertime madness is an adjective – with their Mom’s The Word ON Dinner! I love that Ragu wants to open up the conversation about dinnertime among mothers and let us know that we’re not alone (thank GOD!).

Personally I’ve loved seeing other moms asking about tips and advice from each other. I’ve taken some of the advice…

1) Made dinnertime a little bit more special by using placemats and adding some flowers to the table to let the boys know that dinnertime is a celebration of being together, I dressed it up a bit.
2) Been having the boys help me in the kitchen while preparing dinner, this has been HUGE!
3) When we’re in the market, I’ve been giving each son a “job.” Basically I say, you’re in charge of finding “x”, you’re in charge of finding “x” and so on… makes grocery shopping fun.
4) Getting the kids excited to grow a vegetable garden!
5) I bought fun dinnertime plates for the boys!

And I’ve taken some tough-love advice, too…

1) I’ve stopped becoming a short-order cook at dinnertime… what’s made is what everyone is having.
2) Tears don’t work with me anymore when it comes to “not wanting to eat.”

Have some fun watching some of our videos as we are real and raw about out dinnertime practices and frustrations…

Oh, yes… I have Baby Angel in my house! 🙂

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