At the Drop of a Hat

At the Drop of a Hat is today’s IDIOM. This is one that people use all the time but nobody ever really knows what it actually means. I’m thrilled to be able to share this with you today because this is one that my grandkids say ALL the time!

at the drop of a hat

Here on 365 Days of Literacy for Kids, your kids will be “dressed” with IDIOMS during the month of September. IDIOMS are phrases that reveal “secrets” from the past. IDIOMS come from many sources, many languages, many authors, many cultures. The “hidden” meanings in IDIOMS are great fun for kids, but also teach important, interesting and intriguing lessons in how language has developed and evolved over time.

Each SEPTEMBER IDIOM on 365 Days of Literacy for Kids will address something to do with clothing… such as teaching kids the meaning of the at the drop of a hat idiom.

At the Drop of a Hat

at the drop of a hatThe idiom at the drop of a hat means to begin something immediately; to start a race or contest.

Origin of this Idiom:  At the drop of a hat comes from the custom of dropping a hat to signal the beginning of a race, contest or sporting event, somewhat like waving a flag or shooting a gun.

It was once the signal to begin a duel, and knocking the hat off a person’s head initiated a fight.

In all 3 cases, a drop of a hat meant a quick response was necessary… and maybe even for survival!

We still use the idiom this to describe anything done quickly or eagerly.

Dress your kids for back-to-school success with knowledge and attention to at the drop of a hat.

Take a few minutes each day in SEPTEMBER to teach the secrets of IDIOMS to your kids & grandkids.  Understanding IDIOMS is a wonderful way to enrich reading and language development.

And I’m not just talking through my hat!




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