Daily Diary: Think we're a NERF Family?

I had my sons clean the playroom this week. The toys have been all over the place and I’ve had it. Just had it. I laughed when I came downstairs last night and saw the arsenal we had all set up…

How funny is that?

Not one doll, ladies. Not one doll.

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  1. 4.23.12
    Cheryl O. said:

    This is my house, too, which is especially funny since I used to be anti-gun. Then one day the oldest of my three boys came into the room using his teddy bear like a gun. My second son bit his peanut butter sandwich into a gun shape, and my third son wears camo and walks around with a gun attached to him much of the day. The capper was when my daughter, in just her underwear, marched into the kitchen with a wooden rifle slung over her shoulder. Now I can outfit the neighborhood with Nerf guns. I have even cut guns out of wood for them. Twelve years ago, I was a different person. It amazes me how children have changed me.

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