Barbie Dolls of the World

I’m a HUGE fan of Barbie. HUGE.

When I was a little girl, my Barbie Collection was under my bed. I had about 25 Barbie dolls and they were the best dresses Barbie’s ever. Being a mom of all boys, I have to say… I wish there was a Barbie in my house! My nieces have tons of them, and I have loved throughout the years getting to shower them with Barbie clothes, accessories and fabulousness!

It has always amazed me how Barbie has evolved so much throughout the years… she really is still an icon after all these years!

Today I’m excited to share a new Barbie Doll of the World Collection!!

Established in 1980, the Dolls of the World® Collection is the largest and longest-running series in the history of the Barbie® brand. After more than 30 years of success and over 100 dolls created, the line re-launched in 2012 with a fresh new look and introducing a new generation of Barbie fans to this global glamorous line.

Each doll wears an adorable ensemble inspired by the native costume and fashion of each country. Additionally, every doll package contains a ‘passport’ and a special pet providing extended play value. The packaging can also double as a carrying case for the doll or a place to store personal travel souvenirs.

I LOVE this because I think it’s an incredible way for a child to learn about different places in the world.

The new dolls released this FALL?


Argentina Barbie® doll
Capturing the passion of the tango, Argentina Barbie® doll wears a vibrant, ruffled blue dress with black fringe. Her black lace shawl and stunning rose accents complete her tango-inspired Argentinean look. The Argentina Barbie® doll come complete with a special pet friend – a puma, indigenous to Argentina. This is the first time that Barbie® has visited Argentina in the history of the Dolls of the World Collection.

Australia Barbie® doll
Ready for any adventure in the outback, Australia Barbie® doll sports a stylish safari outfit with a linen khaki skirt, button-down top and a printed belt. With her brown boots, shoulder bag and brimmed hat, Australia Barbie® doll is ready to hit the trails of Australia with her koala friend.

China Barbie® doll
Wearing a red “silk“ gown with colorful floral accents, China Barbie® doll’s look is timeless and elegant. With geta shoes, a dramatic hairstyle, golden bangle bracelets and drop earrings, Barbie® doll’s look is simply stunning. Joining China Barbie® doll is her cuddly panda friend, native to central-western and south western China.

Ireland Barbie® doll
Complimenting her flowing red hair, Ireland Barbie® doll wears a precious green dress with a laced bodice and golden trim. Black shoes with green and gold detailing complete the Irish dancer-inspired ensemble. Accompanying Ireland Barbie® doll on her adventures is an Irish Setter puppy – a popular dog in Ireland and around the world.

And new ones are going to be released VERY SOON!! Stay tuned!!

Available now at

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    elyse said:

    hi audrey,

    i love barbies, too! one afternoon, while organizing, i showed my coveted barbie collection to my young boys. how they laughed at how ken only had 2 outfits: swim trunks and PJs!


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