Viva la VIVA… (paper towels, that is!)

How VIVA TOWELS saved my morning… an unsolicited story.

No matter how one tries to make it organized, efficient or smooth… MOVING is none of these.

When Barry and I recently moved into our “Retirement Cottage” from a mightily packed 10-room home, I thought I could beat the MOVING nightmare with my incredible organization, efficiency and s-m-o-o-t-h attitude.

A very romanticized rendering of our "Retirement Cottage"!


Didn’t happen.

Two weeks into our “Cottage”, we are still basically camping while waiting for for hardwood floors to be treated, walls to be painted and all that other person finishing stuff that will make this new home our home.

To date, we have one bed, one bureau, one television, 2 computers, a 70’s style kitchen with same-era decor and appliances (except, new refrigerator), 2 chairs (no table), paper plates, and a nice trash receptacle.

Not bad, actually.

We’ve had major, unexpected plumbing issues… all resolved.

We bought a nice new washer/dryer stacking system that will be hooked up tomorrow.

Good things.

We have a huge garage loaded with our comfy, cozy and/or functional furnishings.  That same garage is also housing several buried cardboard wardrobes of clothing, and boxes upon boxes upon boxes of things like kitchen utensils, dishes, sock, shoes and, well… towels.

Bath Towels. 

I didn’t realize how much I relied on bath towels until I had just one.

Isn’t that always the way?

So Barry and I have been sharing one bath towel.

One towel.

This is new to me because I grew up with a Mom who insisted that every member of the family has his/her own towel (germs and all that).  I just kind of adopted that one towel each thing with my own family and have been doing so for decades.

(Oh, I do wash that one bath towel at my daughter’s home, with other sparse clothing that I’ve managed to find in our garage.)

But this morning, you can imagine my shock to push back the shower curtain to find that bath towel gone.


Where’s the towel?

“Honey?  Honey?”

No answer.

I will admit that our shower does have a nice view of our back yard and the bay beyond… but how much fun and interesting stuff can happen out there while I drip-dry in here?

Drip dry?

Then I spotted the Viva paper towel roll sitting on the toilet tank… next to my iced coffee from our local little coffee shop.  Viva la VIVA!

Viva la VIVA!

(I’ve been using Viva paper towels for hands, face… and, of course, all the intense cleaning I’ve been doing in our new home. I love the way I can use a Viva paper towel for both BIG and little jobs, and even use re-use the “cleaner” ones.  Yes, I do.  I’m frugal.  Another tip I learned from my Mom.)

Anyway, I leaned from the shower, grabbed a Viva paper towel and used it as a bath towel.


I used ONE Viva paper towel as a bath towel, and even squeezed out my hair with it.

I loved Viva before, but this just soaked up my little ‘ol heart.

Seriously.  Happy.

Viva la VIVA!

(Oh, by the way, I’m not going to find any bath towels in our garage anytime soon, so I’m buying some new ones today.)

(And… in case you’re wondering, Barry had hung that one bath towel in an empty, warm room to dry out for me.  Awwww. Thanks, Honey!)

Well, I’m clean and dry.  Thanks, VIVA.  And off to do some more rather intense and necessary scrubbing in our “Cottage” with my rolls of Viva Towels!

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  1. 5.16.12
    Jane said:

    Don’t forget to thank the person who introduced you to VIVA paper towels! (ahem) 🙂

  2. 5.16.12
    Karen said:

    Thank goodness you had a roll handy! Hope your camping adventure ends soon!

  3. 5.17.12
    Jenn Silva said:

    File this under “Things You’d Never Expect”….I use Viva paper towel to smooth out the butter cream icing on cakes. A ridiculously valuable trick that a dear friend taught me!

  4. 5.17.12
    Rhonda said:

    I think you sold me on Viva…when I use up all my Bounty, I will invest in Viva….And you only had to use 1 sheet? wow, I’m impressed girlfriend! This was so amusing…AND I love the view from your shower! Your landscape is breathtaking!

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