Federico Garcia Lorca – Silly Song

Federico Garcia Lorca – Silly Song is one of my all time faves for kids! I’m all about teaching how to teach a poem to kids in less than 2 minutes. Today is Day 12 of 31 Days of Poems for Kids:  SILLY SONG, by Federico Garcia Lorca. Children learn words by hearing words, using words and experimenting with words. (Getting caught up in the technicalities of words is something reserved for later.) Appreciating, loving and having fun with words… wanting to see them and use them and feel them is also something that children learn early.  It’s much the same with poetry.  Giving a child a poem and taking a bit of time to have fun and a dose of silly with it is a great way to open the door to LITERACY.

Federico Garcia Lorca – Silly Song

So let’s have a bit of fun today with 20th century poet Federico Garcia Lorca‘s SILLY SONG:

Federico Garcia Lorca - Silly Song

SILLY SONG by Federico Garcia Lorca

I wish I were silver.

You’d be very cold.

I wish I were water.

You’d be very cold.

Embroider me on your pillow.

That, yes!
Right away!

Read the poem with your kids.

This poem jumps right into the fanciful thoughts of the son, wishing aloud to be things as impossible as silver and water.

The son is quickly, yet gently, cautioned by the practicality of his mother (you’d be too cold).

But suddenly, the son has a different idea… something his mother can do.  Immediately, the mother responds with delight in her possible… embroidering her son on her pillow!

Read the poem by Federico Garcia Lorca – Silly Song again with your children, taking the parts of Son and Mama.  Act it out.  Discover how the tone of the language changes as the dialogue changes.  Talk about what you think the mother may be doing as the son is wishing.  Is she reading?  Is she rocking a baby?  Is she cooking?  Is she sewing?  Is she embroidering?  Explain what embroidering is…

Federico Garcia Lorca - Silly Song
My cherished needlepoint “C” pillow, a gift from my dear friend Connie…

Is the boy just trying to get her attention?  Talk about the love between the mother and the boy.  Even in his wildest imaginings, the mother’s care and love and concern are evident.  She does not want him to be cold.  When her son’s wish becomes more plausible, the mother doesn’t hesitate to accommodate her son’s wish.

In the very few words of Lorca’s poem, we see a world of love.  Tender love.  We go from silly to amazing right before our eyes.  We feel the words.  Ask your children if they’ve ever wished to be something… even something silly.

Enjoy the words/dialogue in SILLY SONG by Federico Garcia Lorca.  Make it come to life.  Have fun.  Ad lib!  Make the son wish to be even MORE things! Your children will come back for more.

LITERACY/LEARNING/READING is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken  & Felt!

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