Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks Pregnant

Today I’m 32 weeks and 1 day.

I’m getting there!

We had a sonogram today and got to see our little Victoria! She looked wonderful and it made me yearn for the moment when I get to see and hold her and kiss and hug her!

I hadn’t done one of my video diary entries in a few weeks and I knew it was time!

And I loved that she gave me a thumb’s up!

My girl! 🙂

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 5.21.13
    Sharon - said:

    Oh… my little Grandgirl! How much I love her, from the beginning of time and into eternity! I love Victoria’s fun “thumbs up”! xoxox!

  2. 5.21.13
    Jane said:

    I know you’ve been anxious and wanting everything to be okay with this pregnancy… and I’m SO GLAD you had such a great sonogram today!! I can’t wait to meet my little niece!!!

  3. 5.21.13

    So exciting!!

  4. 5.21.13
    Corine said:

    Almost there, girl!!
    LOVE the update and love, love that she gave the thumbs up 🙂

  5. 5.21.13

    I love your honesty, and am so happy that the ultrasound went well for you! You are looking amazing, and I am so excited for you!

  6. 5.21.13

    Glad the ultrasound went well. Since your boys always look so fantastic, I can’t wait to see how you dress a little girl!

  7. 5.21.13

    I’m so happy for you, Audrey. I know you’re anxious and nervous and practically sleepless after everything you’ve gone through. You and your family deserve to be happy with this sweet addition that’s coming soon…not yet, but soon! GO Victoria and the adorable thumbs up!

  8. 5.21.13
    candice said:

    I am so excited for the arrival of you baby girl! EEK! You are getting so close to meeting her.

  9. 5.22.13
    mel said:

    You are so adorable Audrey! I don’t think I have seen a cuter pregnant woman!! And I love the vlog- I think a lot of moms who went through a miscarriage can relate and thank you for this!

  10. 5.22.13

    I am so excited for baby girl McClelland!!! YAY!

  11. 5.22.13
    Kristin said:

    You make my uterus hurt. Ha!

  12. 5.22.13
    Glamamom said:

    Aw, we can’t wait either!! Feel well mama.

  13. 5.22.13

    Aww! So incredibly excited for you!

  14. 5.22.13

    So great to see your face and watch the vid! So excited for you and I think you have such a great job trying to manage your pregnancy anxiety post MC. Not long now!!!

  15. 5.22.13
    admin said:

    LOL… that’s a first! Go for #3!! 🙂

  16. 5.24.13

    So amazing to have watched this journey – I am so thrilled for you! So close, my friend! xoxo

  17. 5.24.13
    Niri said:

    I love how your love in your family keeps growing in love. It has spread to all of us fortunate to be near you.

  18. 5.24.13

    So exciting! I love the thumbs up!

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