Fashion Lifesaver: DreamWalk with Dr. Scholl’s

I’m all about my shoes.

Heels, flats, boots, booties, sneakers… I love them all.

Here’s the thing… I’m on my feet ALL day. I’m working. I’m traveling. I’m chasing 5 kids. Life is not still for me. Life is in constant forward and moving motion.

My shoes don’t always know what my life is like, so they can get VERY comfy, hot and sweaty for me over time. It’s a bummer because I like to look good, and many times… the most comfy shoes are my slippers – not exactly the type of shoe I can wear to work and events… never mind, trying to chase the boys around the playground/school/YMCA/(insert you name it!).

Well, all that’s about to change. I can keep wearing my fashionable and fabulous shoes without worrying about feeling comfortable. (Thank you, Dr. Scholl’s.)

Heidi Klum Dr. Scholl's

I went to an event on Wednesday in NYC for Dr. Scholl’s where they had Heidi Klum and team members from their Dr. Scholl’s team dishing about DreamWalk. Truly… a dream for your feet.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 3.07.08 PM

DreamWalk™ products are designed to make even your most uncomfortable shoes wearable from morning to night – yes, 16 hours! From your sassiest heels to your loveliest flats, tame your shoes and don’t sacrifice your personal style for the sake of comfort thanks to DreamWalk!

The Benefits of DreamWalk™:
Full line of solutions for heels and flats and everything in between.
Designed to fit in all stylish shoes, without crowding feet or toes.
Instantly transform uncomfortable shoes into remarkably wearable shoes.

What kinds of products are there?

Insoles — High Heel, Comfort, 16 Hour, Sole Expressions, Cozy Cushions, Fresh & Cool.
Inserts — Ball of Foot, Hidden Arch, Sole Expressions and Heel Liners

It was also amazing hearing Heidi Klum speak about her experience with meanies!

Here is some footage I caught at the event:

And here is me with Heidi! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 3.21.56 PM

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