Off Roading with the Quinny Buzz Xtra

Yesterday it was a beautiful day in Rhode Island so after a very long winter I was excited to get outside.  After a morning visiting a couple farms to look for Spring vegetables to plant in my garden, I dropped Henry off at school and headed to the park with Victoria.

Our park has a trail that runs through the woods and along the coast.  The path is used by hikers, runners and even horses.  I don’t think there’s many strollers though!  It’s rough, covered in leaves, sticks and rocks.  The perfect spot to test out the Quinny Buzz Xtra’s oversized air-inflated tires.  I have to say, I was surprised!  I really thought I’d wind up dragging it behind me, pulling it on the larger back wheels, or even worse, carrying it.  It really held its own.

photo 1

Victoria absolutely loved the day out.  It’s been so long for her, I’m not sure she even knows what the sun is, or remembers life without a coat.  The oversized sun visor was great for when the sun made it’s ay through the trees.  I had her facing outward so she could enjoy the scenery and she cooed and laughed the whole time.  I really wanted to turn her around so I could see her!

I was able to pack all her gear, and some of mine in the basket underneath.  Don’t want to get caught in the woods without food and a clean diaper!  Next time I’ll pack a lunch, the views of the harbor were incredible.  I’m really looking forward to the next warm sunny day!

photo 2

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  1. 4.5.14
    Karen said:

    Soo cute! Love the easy open/fold!

  2. 4.10.14
    Paula said:

    What a great dad. What a great stroller.

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