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Dayle Haddon is teaming up with Bayer Healthcare, the makers of calcium supplement Citracal, for the Beauty is Bone Deep campaign to help women appreciate that inner strength (both physical and emotional) is the foundation of beauty as a woman ages. Even though I’m “only” 35 years old, I feel like this is important for me to take note of and care about. This amazing campaign shines new light on the importance of bone health and will help women realize that taking care of their bones should be a key part of their age defying regimen†. I mean, a take care of my skin… I should also be taking care of my bones!

Dayle Haddon

1) I love the launching of Beauty is Bone Deep…. how excited are you for this launch?
I am incredibly excited for this launch. When I found out that 9 out of 10 women over the age of 50 don’t get enough calcium, I knew I wanted to tell my story and help spread the word on the importance of bone health.

2) Why was it so important for you to partner with Bayer Healthcare for this launch?
The Beauty is Bone Deep campaign highlights inner strength as the foundation of beauty—something that has always been important to me. Sometimes, we are so focused on what is obvious and what we can see on the outside that a lot of times we miss what’s happening and working (or not working) on the inside. The Beauty is Bone Deep campaign highlights that your insides are just as important– if not more important–than your outside. I am very passionate about communicating beauty and health to women.

3) What are some of your favorite beauty tips for a mom of 5?
Find some time for yourself! Close the door and make what I call “the magic bath”—a fabulous, bubbly bath with oils and great music that makes you feel special. Don’t give into the “everything for them, nothing for me” because they will gain from you the importance in valuing alone time and in doing special things for yourself.

4) When do you feel the right time is to start a daily anti-aging routine?
It’s never too early to start. I have always been a huge advocate for sunscreen and cover my face, chest and hands every single day. Also, keeping your insides healthy with fresh fruits, vegetables and juices, combined with regular weight-bearing exercise and mediation is an anti-aging routine that doesn’t require creams or injections.

5) What was the passion you felt for starting WomenOne?

I’ve been an ambassador for UNICEF for awhile and I was raised to give back a lot. We always brought people into our house and packed up things for those less fortunate than us. We gave away toys, clothes, things like that. Being with UNICEF, I traveled a lot on the ground and I didn’t want to do anything until I felt like an expert. So after many trips in the field (which are rough, you see many difficult things), I decided it was time.

My passion grew from the strength of the women and the girls that I met, their desire to better themselves, things they would do with very little, how their life would be transformed by very little and knowing that education can change a girl’s life forever. So for me, the passion is in seeing those results and the desire of those people to be able to fulfill themselves.

Women are encouraged to visit to learn more about the campaign and the importance of bone health as a woman ages. Also, you can enter for a chance to win a Beauty is Bone Deep makeover in NYC. The grand prize is a trip to New York City for an age-defying makeover and meet-and-greet with Dayle Haddon. The winner will also receive a bone health consultation, a signed copy of Dayle Haddon’s Ageless Beauty: A Woman’s Guide to Lifelong Beauty and Well-Being and a one-year supply of Citracal. Additionally, ten first prize winners will win a one-year supply of Citracal and a signed copy of Dayle Haddon’s Ageless Beauty: A Woman’s Guide to Lifelong Beauty and Well-Being.

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