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We’re in the throws of eating right now. Victoria loves any kind of food you place in front of her. Since I only had one other baby like this, I’m counting my blessings that she’s a good eater!

One part of feeding your baby is making sure you have the best tools. I love Tommee Tippee’s spoons for baby feeding. They are (in my opinion) the best, best, best and really make feeding easy and seamless. I’ve used cutlery in the past with my other sons that was bulky, too small and just not helpful when I was feeding them. I felt like I would always made a huge mess and that my spoons were always breaking. Not good, not good at all.

I wanted to do a blog post showcasing the 4 different kinds of spoons that Tommee Tippee offers in their cutlery line. Since the 4 of them are different, I thought it would be fun to outline each one so you know what kinds of needs you can use each one for, Tommee Tippee really has thought of everything and definitely had the mind of a mom while they were designing these.

Tommee Tippee spoons

Let’s start with the Feeding Spoons:
Our Feeding Spoons are designed with a big chunky handle for an easy grip, and a wide spoon base to scoop up and hold food in place, perfect for helping your baby feed themself and enjoy a fuller feed.
These spoons are great for trying to teach your baby to use their hands and actually put bites in their mouth. The wide spoon is awesome for yogurts and baby jarred foods. Your baby really is able to hold a solid bite right in the base and get a great helping. I love these spoons and these are the ones that I use a ton right now.

First Feeding Spoons:
First Feeding Spoons feature a super-soft collapsible silicone base that deposits the food gently onto your baby’s tongue, helping him or her to enjoy a fuller taste from those first spoons of baby rice or purées.
OK, when you’re feeding your baby for the first time, these are the spoons that they need! These are exceptional for first time feeding. They are really soft and won’t cause your baby to hurt themselves if they bite down.

Heat Sensing Spoons:
Our Heat Sensing Spoons change color from red to yellow if food is too hot – ideal if you’re using a microwave to heat food, as you can tell at a glance when it’s safe to feed your baby and when it’s not.
Perhaps the smartest invention of all! These spoons rock! We started feeding Victoria warm foods about a month ago and having the heat sensing spoons were incredible! I also use them if I’m feeding her “big people” food with the family. This way I can gauge if the food is too hot for her little mouth.

Soft Tip Infant Feeding Spoons:
Enjoy feeding your baby with our Explora Soft Tip Infant Feeding Spoons, designed to make transition to soilds easier. They’re super soft for tender gums and come with long handles for getting right to the bottom of those little jars and storage pots.
These spoons we have in our drawers right now and we brought these to Disney with us. They are PERFECT for baby jars because of the length of the handle and just great spoons overall. Victoria will actually chew on the end, too. She loves it on her gums and loves chomping her teeth on it, too. My husband would easily tell you that these are his favorite spoons for Victoria, hands down!

Disclosure: I’m a Tommee Mommee, all opinions in this blog post are 100% my own.

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