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#BlogHerWritingLab ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
How do I think a reader would describe my blog?

I own the website Mom Generations with my two adult daughters, Audrey and Jane. We are very independent pieces of our Lifestyle website, each with Blogs that cover many topics/opinions/ideas/personal experiences/family experiences/travel experiences/product reviews and many other things.

I write primarily about family/grandkids/traditions/literacy (I am a retired English Teacher/Reading Specialist)/fitness-running, triathlons/boomer living/travel/Caregiving my 91-year old Mom/product reviews of household or cooking items/books/films/clothing — topics and things that really intrigue or interest me. I am currently an Invisalign customer (3 weeks in!) and will be writing about this journey for the next 17 months.

So… how do I think a reader would describe my Blog?

You know what? I’d have to ask my readers!

I’ve been called Compassionate. Devoted to my family – as a wife, Mom, Grandma and daughter. I’ve been described as very, very Loving. I’ve also been called Funny.

Readers have told me that my pursuits of athletic endeavors and challenging myself in my boomer years (running, biking, swimming, 2 Marathons, two 70.3 Ironmans, winter surfing lesson, skydiving, etc.) have inspired them.

So is my Blog Inspiring? Funny? Family Oriented? Lifestyle Oriented? Health Oriented?

Or all of the above?

I write from my heart. Readers do say this.

I write about running, a sport I came to at age 56. I’m now 63. I’ve written all about my running. I’ve written about RunDisney – a Half Marathon experience. Readers say this is Inspiring.

I write about my 11, soon-to-be 12 grandkids. Readers say that my Love and Devotion come flying through my words.

Sometimes I combine the all of the above. And sometimes this makes this Grandma Blogger pretty darned Funny! I wrote this post 4 years ago, a post about a conversation I had with 3 of my grandsons about my running (and coloring) endeavors…

Coloring, Running The Disney Princess Half Marathon… and a Grandson’s assessment

This is a little crayon coloring piece I recently did on a very relaxing afternoon with my 3-year old grandson, Henry… very specific to his color choices.

This is a little conversation I had with Henry’s 6-year old brother Alex, and 7-year old brother William, that same afternoon…  (I assure you that the drawing and the conversation connect):

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.15.32 AM

Alex:  (studying my Disney Princess Half Marathon medal and bib #) Grandma, so you didn’t come in 1st place in your Disney race.  What place did you come in?

Me:   I came in somewhere in the 5,000’s.

Alex:  WHAT?  Isn’t that kinda slow?

Me:   Well, not really.  I was happy to run and happy to finish.

Alex: (not buying it) Can I even count that high?  5,000?

William: (Mr. Mathematics) Grandma, how many people ran in the race?

Me: (ah, ha.  A voice of reason) Well, 20,000 or so started and about 15,000 officially finished.

William:  So you beat 10,000 people. (addressing Alex) Alex, Grandma beat 10,000 people.  That’s pretty good.

Alex: (shaking his head, continuing to study my medal) This looks like you should have been at least 2nd.  Or 3rd.

Me:    Honey, when you run, you run for yourself.  Thousands and thousands of people run for fun, for exercise, for a challenge.  Super fast people win big races.  I’m not super fast.  But I have fun.  And everyone gets the same awesome medal!

William: (Mr. Logical) Do you run against everyone or do they put you in groups for your age?

Me:    Both.  You run with and against everyone, but the results also tell you how you did compared people around your age.

Alex: (hopping on this one) Did you win your age?

Me:    Nope.  I came in 89th of 517 women from 55-59 years old.  And I came in 5,598 of 15, 803 runners… if you want to be specific!

William: (Mr. Statistics) That’s pretty good because you’re 59. (thinking, thinking) What if you were 60?

Me:    I didn’t check that.  But I want you guys to remember that I had fun.  I ran as fast as I could and had fun!

Alex: (eternally optimistic) So next year you could win?

I was very happy that my 6-year old grandson Alex had such confidence in me.  To be sure.

Then Alex turned his attention to the little coloring artwork.

Alex:  Who colored this?

Me:    I did.  Henry told me what colors to use.

Alex:  Hmmmmm.

Me:    Do you like it?

Alex:  Grandma, I have to tell you something…

Me:    Yes?

Alex:  Your coloring is way better than your running.

What was I just saying about confidence in me?

And that’s that.


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