Review: Jesse Diaper Backpack From Cheeky Tummy

Jesse Diaper Backpack From Cheeky Tummy

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-12-08-20-pm“Look! Everything is so organized!”

“I forget I’m even carrying a bag around.”

“Okay, I really like this backpack.”

These are just some of the statements I’ve heard from my husband since we started using the Jesse Diaper Backpack from

Over the past two-and-a-half years, we have gone through a number of diaper bags. My husband would diligently carry all of them, even if he would grumble a little when I handed them over. Some of the things he’d say about the other diaper bags: “This is so awkward to carry.” “This one doesn’t fit everything we need.”  “We really need to organize this one better.”

I was psyched to have him use the Jesse Diaper Backpack because it has solutions to all of his usual diaper bag issues: He can wear it on his back, so it’s easy to carry. It’s incredibly spacious. And it has a ton of pockets to keep everything super organized without much effort.

It has become his go-to diaper bag every time we take the family out and about.



And actually, it has become my (and our nanny’s) go-to bag for everyday use, too! It helps keep us sane with its 11 pockets because everything has its own place. Binkies? In their own pocket! Diapers? In another pocket! Wipes? Yup – in their own pocket, too!

Then there are all those extras that usually get lost in the shuffle – like teething rub for our infant daughter, or crayons for our toddler son. Not anymore. Pockets galore mean I know where I’m putting everything.

(Otherwise I just throw everything randomly into a diaper bag and get stressed out when I reach into a big pocket and can’t find what I’m looking for.)

The Jesse Diaper Backpack from Cheeky Tummy is the total package. It’s stylish and comfortable, the quality is awesome, and it helps us stay organized. Can’t ask for anything more than that!




Disclosure: I received a Jesse Diaper Backpack from Cheeky Tummy for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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