Who Needs Real Fish When You Can Get HEXBUG’s AQUABOT WAHOO? #SavingGrace

Throughout my time as mom, we’ve probably had about 20+ fish come and go throughout the years. My husband is a HUGE fish lover, so whenever we had the chance, we were setting up tanks. It was – for us – the easiest kind of pet.

You feed them.
You can leave them.
You can just let them be.

Easy, peasy.

Well, I’ve got an even easier option for you, too! This can go hand in hand with your fish, or (if you’re like us now) this can replace your fish tank at home.


Adorable, right?

Submerge yourself in the newest school of deep sea divers with HEXBUG® AquaBot Wahoo! Using the power of motorized propulsion this creature of the blue spins and whirls through its underwater surroundings with magnificent ease. This newcomer is the fastest HEXBUG AquaBot, and the perfect addition to your collection.

The best part?

They’re $4.99!

I mean, you can beat this. I have to interject, my 3 year old daughter was AMAZED by Wahoo!!!


More information here.

Disclosure: Item sent for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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