How To Use a Topsy Tail

Topsy tail tools are one of my favorite hairstyle tools to play with in Victoria’s hair. They make hairstyles so easy for me. If you’re not familiar with a topsy tail, I wanted to create this hair video on how to use a topsy tail for you.

How To Use a Topsy Tail

how to use a topsy tail

When you’re adding hair products and accessories into your beauty wardrobe (not sure what else to call it!), it’s important to make sure you have all your basics. You need a great comb, brush, hair elastics, hair ties, hair product and (in my opinion) a Topsy Tail Tool.

The reason I love a Topsy Tail Tool is because there are so many different hairstyles that you can do with one. You can really have some fun with this tool and I’ve been trying really hard to share as many different ways to use this tool as I can.

how to use a topsy tail

I wanted to start with the basics first – How to use a Topsy Tail – because you can make a basic ponytail look adorable by simply topsy tailing it. It’s quick and easy to do and really pulls an adorable updo look together.


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As you can see, it’s SUPER easy to use. There isn’t any complicated-ness with it. It’s pretty straightforward and again – really does help when you’re creating cute hairstyles on your hair or your kids.

Where to Buy a Topsy Tail

The best part about a Topsy Tail is that it’s so cheap! You can buy one for under $5 (and in multiple sizes, too!).

Topsy Tail Hair Tool

  • Best Hair Styling Tools: It’s the original hair tail tools. The set came with a small and large size, 2 Colors (Purple and Blue), total 2 Pairs for all hair types
  • Flexible but Strong: The stem is hard and the loop end is bendable It will only bend enough to pull your ponytail through and then instantly pops back to its original shape.
  • Makes Styling Hair so Easy!: Takes a minute to get the hang of actually braiding it and works fine to give a loose braid or ponytail styling. Brings you a new hair style in seconds!
  • So Many Hair Styles Can Be Accomplished: You can create basic style, partial style, double layer style, twisted side style, basic ponytail wrap style, side style and so on.

You can buy one here.

Make sure you stock up on these! You will love them!

Here’s an easy hairstyle for you to do with your Topsy Tail Tool:

Easy Hairstyle To Do on a Busy Morning

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