Ben Turns 10 Years Old! A Look Throughout the Last Year!

Ben is 10 years old TODAY!!!

10 years old. Double digits!!

Where did the time go? It flew by. I just wish I could slow time down. Really, really, really slow time down.

When Benjamin was born, I felt complete. I had suffered a miscarriage before Ben that really devastated me to the core. I hurt for awhile. I’ve always described getting pregnant with Benjamin was something I needed, not just wanted. I needed to have another baby. I needed him.

Throughout the last 10 years Ben has brought so much joy and love and passion to our family. He’s funny and witty and loud and crazy and just everything good. He’s a beautiful boy, who loves to be loved. That’s what I’ve always thought about my Ben… he’s a love bug. He really does LOVE.

William is our only son to have a baby book… and even with that, only the first year is filled out. I never could keep up with them, so I started making them “birthday videos” as a fun treat when they were little. It’s become a family tradition for the last 10 years and it’s been the best way to capture the year.

And so… his video was done and waiting for him as his first gift. This one was a tough one for me to make because I happened to pick a song that always makes me cry!

Happy 10th Birthday Benjamin!

Who are our love and life and heart!

May 10 be fabulous for you!

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