Monday Inspiration: How To Get Yourself Going

Monday Inspiration – How To Get Yourself Going. We all need it! We all crave it! We all want the secret! How do you make Mondays the best they can be? Monday Inspiration comes in different forms, but I have a full proof way to make sure your Mondays get you off on the right foot for the rest of the week! Are you ready to hear what I’ve got for you on the Monday Inspiration front?

Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration

This weekend I had an epiphany – I need to get myself going again! I have allowed the stress and overwhelming-ness of moving and trying to sell our house and just the craziness of new schedules and activities to get the best of me!

I haven’t worked out since August.
I haven’t eaten amazing over the last few weeks.
I haven’t been keeping up with my meditation.
I haven’t been taking care of me.

Monday Inspiration – You need it

And that’s not good. I have felt the stress physically this past week and I don’t like it. I had a long talk with my doctor about it and he suggested I get myself MOVING again! I need to keep myself moving for the mental and physical and spiritual side of me, too!

I can’t just BE. I need to BE moving and doing good for me.

I was venting to my friend this past weekend and she said she’s been going through it, too. Maybe it’s the new season? Maybe it’s just the time of year? Maybe it’s just trying to get ourselves in sync with back to school?

I don’t know what it is… I just know I need to do something!

Monday Inspiration – 20 Minute Rule

So I reinstated my 20 MINUTE RULE.


For me it’s running. I’m not a fast runner, I’m a 2 mile runner, which takes me 20 minutes to do.

20 minutes of something – walking, yoga, praying, meditating, cleaning, organizing, etc.


It’s a start.

It’s a place to begin.

And so – I’m starting this up again.

This is Monday Inspiration. I hope this inspires you a bit. I feel horrible when I’m sluggish. I want to be able to feel my very best. I want to be able to put my best foot forward. I want to be able to be inspired and motivated to go after all of my dreams. When I’m not feeling it, I’m not feeling it. We all need to feel some inspiration to keep us going. I don’t know why I let myself fall that far back. It’s not like me. I hate when I do that to myself. I want to feel good. I want to feel healthy. I want to feel my best self.

So 20 minutes. We can all find 20 minutes. If we can’t – there’s something wrong with our lives. We can do it. We can find it. And we can do this together. Start today. Start tomorrow. But get yourself a plan to just do it. It will help it just pull the trigger and get yourself moving. Monday Inspiration is it. Let’s do this!! Let’s get ourselves to where we want them to be!

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