Daily {VLOG} – Parenting Challenge: Picking the Best Kid

Parenting Challenge: Picking the Best Kid

We have been stepping up our family video “game” this year and we LOVE it! I have always loved having this blog as a digital scrapbook, so for me – it’s even more exciting to have it as a video scrapbook, too! I’ve been keen on making sure to upload a video every couple of days. With the kids getting so big, so quick… I love being able to capture the moments. Seeing the kids call Victoria, “Sissy!” Seeing the boys laugh and joke with each other. Seeing them hanging out with Matt. Seeing them drink chocolate milk by the carton. Seeing them get excited about anything and everything… it’s just the best.

I had some fun the other night making this video. The kids LOVE to have drawing competitions. They love to see who has drawn the best picture. They ALWAYS say that I always try to make it fair (because why not!). They get tired of me making it an “even, steven” type thing for everyone. They want clear cut winners.

So… I gave them what they wanted! I picked a real winner! (They all thought it was my favorite kid!)

I can’t win!

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