Claiming My Family Weekends (Sorry Kids)

Claiming My Family Weekends

It’s already happening and I (honestly) can’t believe it. I thought I had a couple more years before I had to worry about my kids having more weekend plans than me! I’m not talking swim meet plans, I’m talking… movies with friends, meet-ups at the pizza place, biking to the park… type plans. I’m not ready for this (yet).

On Friday when my 2 older sons got home from school, one of them asked if he could go to a basketball game after school that day. Usually he has swim team, but it worked out that it wouldn’t conflict, so I let him go. My other son had made plans to go to a friend’s house that night for awhile, so it was just 5 of us hanging out on Friday night. All is still fine. The boys had fun being out. We had fun at home with the other kids. It was a great Friday night for all.

Saturday rolls around and we’re being bombarded with requests. One wants to go off with this friend. One wants to have this buddy over. One wants to go to the movies with his friends. One wants to sleepover a friend’s house. It was too much! LAST weekend it was the exact same way. Friday night – everyone was out, which was fine! Saturday during the day – everyone had friends over, which was fine. But…….. and here’s my BIG BUT, I don’t want this to be an event single weekend occurrence. They’re in middle school, not high school… not college!

So this past Saturday, I said NO to everything.

Were the boys upset?


Did they think it was unfair?


Was I worried about it?


I said to my husband, “I’m reclaiming our Saturday as a family!”

When I told the boys that we were going to head out and do something as a family, the first question was, “Are we going to do something fun?”

Oh little faith in their mom!

I called up a local bowling alley to see about doing a rock-and-bowl night with the kids, but they were booked solid. Although – they did have open lanes from 5-7 that we could take advantage of with the kids! Boom! Sign us up!

Off we went to the bowling alley for some family fun! We haven’t been bowling in forever! I couldn’t even remember the last time we all went as a family. When we got there, they guy gave us 2 lanes since we have 7 people – so it was the boys in one lane and mom/dad/Victoria in the other!

Competition on for the boys! It was nice seeing them have fun together and realize up close and personal that it’s pretty cool having brothers your age! They have been going here, there and everywhere lately with friends that I think they’ve forgotten how lucky they are to have each other in the mix of everything!

They laughed! They shoved (yes, but lightly!). They competed. They really had a fun time! It was wonderful to just be out with them and enjoying every single one of them at the same time! I know the kids are getting older and want to have social lives, but I want them to appreciate being with their family, too.

And… they even posed for a photo for me. Approved by all at the end of the night!

As we were driving home, I told my husband ONE night (always) during the weekends from here on out are ours. No friends. No plans. JUST family. I know they love doing things with friends, but for me – I love doing things with them. They can have friends over, that’s fine… but weekends are precious and important for us to be together.


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  1. 2.7.18
    Christie said:

    I’m dreading the “I have plans already”! It might come down to letting them know not to make plans for the weekend. I’m glad you’ve reclaimed your Saturdays for family fun!

  2. 2.7.18
    robin rue said:

    Our weekends are for family, too. They can have friends over after school, but the weekends are MINE 🙂

  3. 2.7.18
    Marcie W. said:

    I love this! Our weekends are usually filled with errands and preparing for the week ahead. I need to make family fun more of a priority.

  4. 2.7.18

    I like that you want to take that one day on the weekend to spend with your family. Most people would yell “FREEDOM!” I hope you all had fun!

  5. 2.7.18
    Maureen said:

    This is such a brilliant idea, I can see how having multiple kids would make for it a necessity that you reclaim family time and make a weekend day as “family day”. It’s important to bond and to stay connected as a family, I am sure and boy look at all of the fun you all had. That’s awesome!

  6. 2.7.18

    Taking back your Saturdays! That is awesome! It’s a rite of passage as our kids get older. Believe me, I’ve been there! I might have to start taking Saturdays back for family time!

  7. 2.7.18

    I honestly think that’s a brilliant idea. It’s nice to teach the kids the value of family and having each other. I’m sure they’re going to appreciate days like this even more when they’re all grown up and have their own lives.

  8. 2.7.18
    brianne said:

    This is happening in our house too, and our kids aren’t even as old enough as yours. I need to sometimes put my foot down and say no we are doing family stuff today!

  9. 2.7.18
    Kristi said:

    Love this idea. We have two teenagers and they are getting busier and busier, lucky for me they still like doing things with us and I cherish our road trips the most.

  10. 2.7.18

    Love the idea of reclaiming Saturdays! My son is older and it’s like we have to play tug a war to spend time together! Loved your post!

  11. 2.7.18
    My Teen Guide said:

    I have been through that phase. It was like a “practice” session for the future empty nest phase of our lives. However, like you, I had to set my foot down and reclaim Saturdays. Thankfully, it worked out well. We found this to be the best time to make memories!

  12. 2.8.18

    I love family time! With all the gadgets and activities taking up our time, it is important that we dedicate time and effort for our family. Such a great way to bond!

  13. 2.8.18
    Estelle said:

    I love that you are doing this to make sure your family spends special time together. I think as kids get more social, they forget how much fun they can have with their families, and this is a great reminder for them that they still can, and still want to. Such a great idea!

  14. 2.8.18
    Kiwi said:

    Wow your kids getting busy on the weekends early with their friends so young. Good for you for creating a family bonding moment and reclaiming the weekend!

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