There’s always two ways of looking at things ~ and if we question this, just take a peek at shadows

There’s always two ways of looking at things ~ and if we question this, just take a peek at shadows…

Late yesterday afternoon, I was taking a photograph of the sun streaming its bountiful beams through out backdoor window. Truth be told, my phone overflows with such photos of the sun and the moon because their mysteries are magical to me and a source of both constant amazement and tranquility…

As I turned around, my eye caught the bright red and sparkling Valentine’s heart hanging from the window frame on a winding red ribbon, a heart I had placed with fun and love in mind for when my grandkids visit. Oh, and for Barry, too, of course!

But my eyes also caught something else in that magnificent gift of sun.

A shadow of those winding ribbons attached to that heart on an adjacent cabinet.

I love shadows, too. I love that they offer us an entirely new perspective on something, on things, on just about everything, I guess.

Shadows arrive in silence, never in glorious colors of attention. There’s no clamour or clang. Not a peep of racket or roar. Neither whisper nor rustle.

Shadows are all about hush. Serenity. Calm.

Wisdom, I’d say.

The opposite image of just about everything on earth or in the heavens.

I think they come for pause in this fast universe of life, from that LIGHT source blocked by an opaque object.

Like us, sometimes. Blocked by the physical body or object, yet unleashed in the ethereal world of thought and wisdom if we stop for moments to discover two ways of looking at things. 

Shadows. Not for dimming nor distorting, but letting the light unveil new mysteries, new thoughts, new dimensions.

And they are always there to remind us.

I walked around our home to catch a few more shadows who were willing to play along with me…

Including, of course, ME!

The natural world seems to always have the answers, yes?



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