Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY: $100 SEPHORA Gift Card

Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY: $100 Sephora Gift Card

Mother's Day Giveaway: $100 Sephora Gift Card

Mother’s Day is in ONE week! Just ONE week away!

For Mother’s Day every year I always get the cutest and most adorable gifts from my kids. I always look forward to what I’m going to get! Last year all the kids put their hand prints on a canvas for me. It truly me made cry! It was so sweet to see the kids come together to create a masterpiece for the mom.

I loved it to the core!

This year they keep asking me what I want for Mother’s Day and I keep saying, “Surprise me!”

But you know what I really want?
You know what I could really use?

I need new makeup! I need new foundation and blush and mascara! Lord knows I can’t tell them because the name of my blush is NARS “SUPER ORGASM.” I mean, how can I tell my teen sons that name???

So… a gift card would do just fine!!

I thought it would be fun to have some Mother’s Day love with everyone!!!

I’m giving away $100 SEPHORA GIFT CARD!!!!

Easy entry!!! Stock up on some fabulous items!!!


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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 5.6.18
    Cheryl B said:

    I need some new lipstick and mascara.

  2. 5.6.18
    Lisa said:

    I had to pass on an amazing lipstick because I didn’t want my little ones reading it.

  3. 5.7.18
    Lisa Brown said:

    I like the mommy and me fashion posts

  4. 5.7.18
    Lisa Brown said:

    I “need” the Heat palette from Urban Decay 🙂

  5. 5.7.18
    Lisa Brown said:

    I need the sephora pro fan brush

  6. 5.7.18
    Cassandra D said:

    Brushes and concealer.

  7. 5.7.18
    william said:

    i will buy my wife this for mothers day, she will like it alot.

  8. 5.7.18

    I don’t even know to pick specifics right now. My make up bag got stolen out of my car about a year ago and I haven’t worn any since. Just can’t afford the frivolous purchase. So I need basics.

  9. 5.7.18
    vickie couturier said:

    i would love some new brushes and concealers

  10. 5.7.18
    Gayle Fedelia said:

    Yasss! What Mom can’t use a gift card from Sephora! Great blog post!

  11. 5.7.18
    Kayte CookWatts said:

    I really need some new was off masks. A clay and a hydrating one too.

  12. 5.7.18
    Margaret Smith said:

    I could use some blush, concealer and mascara.

  13. 5.7.18

    I am crushing hard on the tarte mermaid collection! I’d love to have it in time for summer.

  14. 5.7.18
    Rosie said:

    I want to try some new fragrances. I’ve been wanting to try BERDOUES Peng Lai, new for Sephora, it is fruity and floral!

  15. 5.7.18
    HS said:

    I would like to get some serum and sunscreen.

  16. 5.7.18
    Natalie said:

    What I need from Sephora is new black eyeliner, long lasting lipstick and eyeshadow/eye highlighter.

  17. 5.7.18
    shannon fowler said:

    I really need toms setting spray and mascara.

  18. 5.7.18
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    I need the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask that everyone is raving about!

  19. 5.7.18
    nickie said:

    I need some new lipstick

  20. 5.8.18
    Helen said:

    I could use some moisturizer with spf and something to control my extra crazy summer hair

  21. 5.8.18
    Kimberly M. said:

    I could use some liner, mascara and blush.

  22. 5.8.18
    Lisa Brown said:

    I need the Kat Von D10th Anniversary Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick

  23. 5.8.18
    Kimmy Ripley said:

    I need a little bit of everything at the moment! I really love the Urban Decay and Kat Von D lines of makeup. Could really use some lipstick, foundation, and new glitter eyeliner!

  24. 5.8.18
    Shana said:

    I may or may not have two things currently in my shopping cart at Sephora lol

  25. 5.8.18
    Cynthia C said:

    I could use some mascara and pretty new lipsticks.

  26. 5.8.18
    Casandra LaMonaca said:

    I could really use some foundation, mascara and some new lip gloss.

  27. 5.8.18
    Jessica Miller said:

    I need some eyeliner

  28. 5.8.18
    Jennifer B said:

    I need my smashbox primer

  29. 5.8.18
    Lisa Bourlier said:

    Skin care products!

  30. 5.8.18
    Shelby Gil said:

    I Love Sephora!

  31. 5.8.18
    Amber said:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I desperately need new eyeliner!

  32. 5.8.18
    Erin N said:

    I need some new mascara from Sephora.. and foundation!

  33. 5.8.18
    Kelly Hanley said:

    Need eyeliner!

  34. 5.8.18
    Jenna Hudson said:

    I need some new mascara right now. I go through that stuff fast!

  35. 5.8.18
    Nicole said:

    I need some new facial moisturizer

  36. 5.9.18
    Becky Sell said:

    I need some new mascara and primer.

  37. 5.9.18
    Debbi Wellenstein said:

    I need some perfume from Sephora.

  38. 5.9.18
    Antoinette M said:

    I need a new lip color.

  39. 5.9.18
    Lori Lyon said:

    I need eyeliner!

  40. 5.9.18
    Calvin fung said:

    Love the places and clothes this blog recommends

  41. 5.9.18
    Calvin said:

    Would love to give this to mom on mother’s day

  42. 5.9.18
    Kelly Brooks said:

    Eyeshadow and mascara

  43. 5.9.18

    I’ve been really wanting to try out some Glamglow masks!

  44. 5.9.18
    Kayley said:

    Andalou naturals face moisturizer with SPF!

  45. 5.9.18
    Keri Greene said:

    I’d love to win this make up. My sister in law is always trying to help me improve my make up game.

  46. 5.9.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I need some of my favorite Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins face sunscreen! 😀

  47. 5.9.18
    paige chandler said:

    I need new highlighter from Sephora

  48. 5.9.18
    Ashley B said:

    Hourglass primer!

  49. 5.9.18
    Kelly Hanley said:

    lipgloss is need from Sephora!

  50. 5.9.18
    Angela Kern said:

    A new bottle of perfume!!!!

  51. 5.9.18
    Melissa Krause said:

    I am a mother of 6 and rarely get anything for me. I dream of winning a Sephora card just for me and getting some long awaited makeup. Wow, what a dream come true that would be. Thank you so much.

  52. 5.9.18
    Dana said:

    I need more Drunk Elephant skincare.

  53. 5.9.18
    Renee Martinez said:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  54. 5.9.18
    liberty said:

    Eyeliner! I like the Marc Jacobs!

  55. 5.9.18
    Julie said:

    I need some new Lipstick and hair frizz serum..

  56. 5.9.18
    darcy Koch said:

    I am out of my facial serum. This is one of my most favorite beauty items.

  57. 5.9.18
    Holly Donaldson said:

    One of my favorite stores for perfume and makeup!

  58. 5.10.18
    Elena said:

    Clinique All About Eyes

  59. 5.10.18
    Anita Duvall said:

    I am out of Buxom Mascara which is a must-have for me.

  60. 5.10.18
    Michele Pineda said:

    I need mascara and some lipstick/gloss.

  61. 5.10.18
    Lissa Crane said:

    I am in desperate need of some FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream! I just tried this for the first time and ran out because I use it so much! I love it! It’s fantastic for those little wrinkles around my eyes!

  62. 5.10.18

    I’d love to get some SPF-focused makeup now that the sun is full blast!

  63. 5.10.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would love some new brushes!

  64. 5.10.18
    Elena said:

    I need the Urban Decay Naked palette

  65. 5.10.18
    Bobbiejo patten said:

    I would love to be able to buy the Tarte mermaid pallete I keep going in to dream over or the too faced chocolate pallete Thank you so much for the chance

  66. 5.11.18
    Angela Kern said:


  67. 5.11.18
    Donna L said:

    I need long lasting lipstick.

  68. 5.11.18

    I need new brushes, and I think I might splurge on the tarte mermaid ones 🙂

  69. 5.11.18
    Elena said:

    I need new perfume

  70. 5.11.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I want to try the SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Effect Volume Lip Gloss.

  71. 5.11.18
    Holly Donaldson said:

    I need perfume desperately!

  72. 5.11.18
    Lisa said:

    I need eye shadow primer!

  73. 5.11.18
    Melanie said:

    I need some drunk elephant baby facial!

  74. 5.11.18
    Ashley B said:


  75. 5.12.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I could use more of my favorite Tatcha Dewy Mist spray!

  76. 5.12.18

    I want to see if they have any good undereye concealer!

  77. 5.12.18
    Holly Donaldson said:

    Perfume! I haven’t bought myself perfume or gotten it as a gift in 2 years!

  78. 5.12.18
    Susan Christy said:

    I need new makeup brushes.

  79. 5.12.18
    Stevie A. said:

    I need to replenish my basic supplies like brushes plus I haven’t picked out a new perfume in ages

  80. 5.12.18
    Lori Lyon said:

    Need foundation, I’d like to try Tarte

  81. 5.12.18
    Ashley B said:

    Some new primer!

  82. 5.12.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    Have a great Mothers Day

  83. 5.13.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I’d love some of the Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Power Serum – expensive but wow does it look good!

  84. 5.13.18
    Lisa Brown said:

    I need: SEPHORA COLLECTIONColor Lip Last Lipstick in blooming rose

  85. 5.13.18

    I want to get the tarte mermaid palette!

  86. 5.13.18
    Jessica W. said:

    I need some more VERB Shampoo and Conditioner.

  87. 5.13.18
    Carrie Lancon said:

    I am not sure what I would buy since I have never been there before.

  88. 5.13.18
    Angela Kern said:

    New perfume

  89. 5.13.18
    Brandy Crabtree said:

    I need non-Walmart makeup. Not that it’s terrible, because I like it, but I want to check out the higher quality makeup. I’ve never shopped at Sephora.

  90. 5.13.18
    Tammy said:

    There is 1 eyeliner in this world that I a not allergic to and that is Bare Minerals. I would buy this.

  91. 5.13.18
    Nicole Lancaster said:

    I need Too Faced Born This Way Foundation right now from Sephora. It is the only foundation that looks natural on me.

  92. 5.13.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:


  93. 5.14.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I want the Peter Thomas Roth Professional 3% Retinoid Plus!

  94. 5.14.18
    Holly Donaldson said:

    I need a bottle of perfume, I never spend money on myself for that, always hope to get it as a birthday or Christmas gift. 🙂

  95. 5.14.18
    samantha willette said:

    Contest ends on my bday. Would be a great gift. Lol

  96. 5.14.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would like to get my fiance’ some cologne.

  97. 5.14.18
    Natalie Watson said:

    I’m dying for a new eye shadow palette

  98. 5.14.18

    I’d love to get some new eyeliner!

  99. 5.14.18
    Bobbiejo m Patten said:


  100. 5.14.18
    Gloria L. said:

    I have been sick for a while and I think getting some new makeup would help with my self confidence.

  101. 5.14.18
    Ashley B said:


  102. 5.15.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I want some of the Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder!

  103. 5.15.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    I would LOVE the tarte Memaid palette I have been going and drooling over it in the mall with my duaghter. Single mom problems lol Thank you for the chance

  104. 5.15.18
    Elena said:

    Urban Decay Naked.

  105. 5.15.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I really love the mermaid makeup brushes.

  106. 5.15.18

    I want to try the My Little Pony facemasks from GLAMGLOW. They’re so cute and sparkly!

  107. 5.15.18

    I need some new foundation and loose powder!

  108. 5.15.18
    Holly Donaldson said:

    I need and want perfume! 🙂 Love Sephora!

  109. 5.16.18

    I’d love to get a bunch of different face masks and try them all out! 🙂

  110. 5.16.18
    Jessica W. said:

    I would like some Organic Deodorant.

  111. 5.16.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would like to get some anti aging skincare.

  112. 5.16.18
    Avis Baker said:

    I would get some Purfume

  113. 5.16.18
    Rosie said:

    I would love to try a new fragrance. I’ve been looking online Sephora, and have been craving something citrusy and floral. I’d love to go to the store and sample the fragrances, I haven’t been able to get there in so long, it would be fun!

  114. 5.16.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    Tarte and Too faced all the thinsg I drool over at the mall with my daughter lol Thank you for the chAnce

  115. 5.16.18
    Ashley B said:

    I’d love some new make up brushes!

  116. 5.16.18
    Lori Lyon said:

    A Sephora shopping spree would be so awesome!

  117. 5.17.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I would LOVE more Alterna Haircare Bamboo Abundant Volume shampoo & conditioner – I’ve used it before & it’s incredible for my fine hair + smells amazing!!

  118. 5.17.18

    I want the tarte mermaid palette! 🙂

  119. 5.17.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would like to try a new foundation!

  120. 5.17.18
    Holly Donaldson said:

    I need perfume and this is my favorite store to get it from! 🙂

  121. 5.17.18
    Ashley B said:

    Maybe a highlighter!!

  122. 5.17.18

    I love your generous giveaways. I will definitely be back here regularly!

  123. 5.18.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I’m wanting to try the COOLA Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30! The reviews sound amazing!

  124. 5.18.18

    I’d love to get some tarte concealer!

  125. 5.18.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would LOVE to try the BELIF Pore Cleaner Bubble Foam.

  126. 5.18.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    Geez if I could shop at Sephora and buy anything I wanted which I have never been able too I would buy Tarte and Too face products Thank you for the chance

  127. 5.18.18
    Lori Lyon said:

    So many awesome things at Sephora! Perfect prize!

  128. 5.19.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    Clinique Happy is a classic fragrance that I’ve loved on others, but have never had the chance to try on myself yet!! Would love to get some!

  129. 5.19.18
    Donna L said:

    I need new long lasting lipsticks.

  130. 5.19.18

    I’d love to get some new summer shade lipglosses!

  131. 5.19.18
    Lori Lyon said:

    So much to chose from but so much fun to do so!

  132. 5.19.18
    Laurajj said:

    Oh I would love to try their FRESH Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm! My lips have been so dry!

  133. 5.20.18
    wen budro said:

    I need some of their lipsticks, foundation, and mascara. Sephora has such a great selection.

  134. 5.20.18
    Meghan Buchman said:

    Sephora is my jam. I am dying to try Kush Mascara by Milk & they carry it!

  135. 5.20.18

    Glamglow just released a new line I’d love to try out!

  136. 5.20.18
    Linda Madden said:

    I would love to get some mascara and perfume.

  137. 5.20.18
    Bobbiejo m Patten said:

    Mermaid tarte pallete would be amazing

  138. 5.21.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    The Dior Buffing Brush for foundation application on the Sephora site looks so cool, I’d love to try it!

  139. 5.21.18

    I’d love to try the Scrub Clean Cleansing Set from tarte!

  140. 5.21.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would like to have some new polishes in Spring colors!

  141. 5.21.18
    Bobbiejo patten said:

    I would grateful to get even one thing from sephora that I have been drooling over thank you for the chance

  142. 5.21.18
    Donna L said:

    I need eye liner.

  143. 5.21.18
    Dianna said:

    Haha about the Nars! 🙂
    I need some new mascara from Sephora — and would love to get an IT cosmetics brush for my CC cream.

  144. 5.22.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    The Bumble and Bumble the Bb Getaway set for fine hair is another item I’d love to try from Sephora!

  145. 5.22.18
    clynsg said:

    I would get some perfume.

  146. 5.22.18

    Have you seen the Summer Daze & Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trios by Fenty? They’re so pretty! I really want to try them out.

  147. 5.22.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I would like to get some new facial masks so my skin will be summer ready.

  148. 5.22.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    I would love truly any new makeup from sephora Thank you for the chance

  149. 5.22.18
    Antoinette M said:

    I would love a new perfume!

  150. 5.23.18
    Donna L said:

    I need lipstick.

  151. 5.23.18

    I’d love to try the Sephora collection sleeping mask!

  152. 5.23.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I want to try the FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick.

  153. 5.23.18
    Casandra LaMonaca said:

    I could always use some new foundation.

  154. 5.23.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    tarte products or too faces or Anastatia or anything Beautiful that i would love to try Thank you for the chance

  155. 5.23.18
    Natalie said:

    I need new eyeliner!

  156. 5.23.18
    Antoinette M said:

    I need a daytime face lotion with SPF.

  157. 5.23.18
    Holly S. said:

    I need a new eye palette to play with!

  158. 5.23.18
    Emma Anderson said:

    I need some new foundation!

  159. 5.24.18

    I haven’t tried any Fenty brand products yet; I’d really like to!

  160. 5.24.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I want to try the TOO FACED Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation – Peaches and Cream Collection.

  161. 5.24.18
    Bobbiejo Patten said:

    I would be just so grateful to shop in sephora I usually can only window shop with my daughter lol Thank you for the chance

  162. 5.24.18
    Angela Saver said:

    I need mascara and foundation from Sephora!

  163. 5.24.18
    Jessica W. said:

    I need some new lip gloss in some pretty spring colors!

  164. 5.25.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I only recently discovered the wonder of sheet masks, & the Sephora Collection Holy Sheet! set would be so fun to get!

  165. 5.25.18

    I’d love to get a variety of face masks and figure out which works best for me this summer!

  166. 5.25.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I want to stock up on some lip scrubs and glosses.

  167. 5.25.18
    Lori Lyon said:

    My niece and I love shopping at Sephora!

  168. 5.25.18
    Bobbiejo patten said:

    Anything from sephora would be a dream! Thank you so much for the chance

  169. 5.26.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I’d love the Tarteist PRO Glow highlight & contour palette – the colors are cool & light enough for my super fair skin & it looks so good!!

  170. 5.26.18
    Donna L said:

    I need new mascara.

  171. 5.26.18

    I’m really curious about the MILk MAKEUP Watermelon Brightening Serum and would love to try it out!

  172. 5.26.18
    Dee said:

    I’m in search of a new fragrance for summer. This would come in handy! 🙂

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