How Lemon Water Can Change Your Life

How Lemon Water Can Change Your Life!

This past October I read an article online about staple things that the most successful people in the world do every single day. Hey… I wouldn’t mind taking a cue from them, right? As you can imagine – many of the things were things that I figured: working out, going to bed early, practicing meditation, creating set work times, etc. There was ONE thing that jumped out to me because I had never read anything like this before and I suddenly became intrigued.

What was it?

Some of the most successful people in the world drink LEMON WATER every morning.


Yes. I started reading everything I could about it and wanted to know more and more and more. I always knew lemon water tasted good, I just never knew it was full of so many powerful things!

The benefits of Lemon Water are extraordinary.

How Lemon Water Can Change Your Life

Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. By improving nutrient absorption in your stomach, it gives you a steady, natural energy buzz that lasts the length of the day. You need to drink it first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) to ensure full absorption. You should also wait 15-30 minutes after drinking it before eating (perfect time to squeeze in some exercise). Lemons are chock full of nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, drink the juice of half a lemon (a full lemon if you’re over 150 pounds). Don’t drink the juice without water because it’s hard on your teeth.

I wanted in immediately! More energy? Full of nutrients? Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

I also did some additional research and read that, “Lemon water contains other beneficial substances, and is a source of plant compounds called flavonoids. Many have antioxidant properties that appear to help protect your cells from damage. Flavonoids from citrus fruits are often linked with benefits for blood circulation, insulin sensitivity and other aspects of metabolic health… Lemon water contains compounds that may protect your cells and improve metabolic health.

Also – for those of you suffer with Kidney Stones, this could be a HUGE benefit for you, too! As many people know, “Kidney stones are solid mineral formations that collect in the kidneys. The most common type is made of a substance called calcium oxalate, and is typically treated with a compound called citrate. Increasing the amount of citrate in your urine is thought to prevent calcium from binding with other compounds and forming stones. In short, citrate restores the urine’s ability to prevent kidney stone formation. Lemon water contains high amounts of citrate, and numerous human studies have found it can successfully help treat kidney stones.

And when you’re breaking it down even further, you’re drinking WATER with the lemon in it! Water is one of the best things you can drink. It hydrates you and so healthy for you to consume throughout your day. It’s great for weight loss, mental health and digestive health. It flushes you out and makes you feel good!

If you’re not drinking LEMON WATER, bring it into your life! I’ve been trying to drink it as much as I possibly can in the mornings and throughout the day, too!


How Lemon Water Can Change Your Life

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  1. 6.5.18
    Vickie Couturier said:

    i always have lemon water when i eat out bccause its free,,but will start drinking more of it now and see ,thanks

  2. 6.5.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I never realized how beneficial lemon water is. Interesting post!

  3. 6.5.18

    I have medication I have to take without anything else for an hour in the morning already – not sure I could add in more wait time after that! It does sound interesting though.

  4. 6.5.18
    Lisa said:

    I always have lemon in water and tea.

  5. 6.5.18
    Carolyn Daley said:

    I have been told that lemon does help with kidney stones. I am not too crazy about lemon in my water, but I usually opt for the lemon for the benefits if out at a restaurant.

  6. 6.5.18
    Ashley B said:

    I love me some lemon water!

  7. 6.5.18
    Jerry Marquardt said:

    I never knew enough about lemon water. I appreciate the information, and this is going to make a large difference in me and my family’s lives.

  8. 6.6.18
    Kelly Hanley said:

    yummy!! Will have to try this!

  9. 6.7.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    I love lemon anything, but never thought to do this! Huh, sounds like a must try!

  10. 6.7.18
    Linda Manns Linneman said:

    I did not know all of this about lemons. I am going to start doing this right away. My body could really use this. Thank you so much for sharing

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