S’mores Dessert – Yummy Crostini

Smores are one of my kids’ favorite summertime dessert’s to make at home. There’s nothing more simple than roasting marshmallows over a fire pit outside. Even just the smell of the fire pit makes me smile! It’s pure summer. It’s 100% pure summertime fun and a fabulous summertime treat! I’m all about trying to find ways to mix up the smores dessert craze at home for my kids, too! I’ve even been one to make a smore in the microwave! I’m all about easy, so I’m always looking for easy. My friend Sheri is has come up with a fantastic smores dessert recipe that I’m ga-ga over! I mean – GAGA over!

Smores Dessert – Yummy Crostini

Let me start from the beginning first – this is what I love about Sheri’s recipe. She knows that every mom has limited time during the day and night, so she always comes up with the best treats that are super delish, but DOABLE! The doable and practical piece is the big deal for me. She understands that everyone needs to make sure they have recipes that are created equal for everyone.

smores dessert

Smores Dessert Ingredients

As you can see, the ingredients listed below are pretty basic items that everyone should be able to get in their homes or have on hand. My kids would love it if I had a bag of chocolate chips on hand all the time! We usually have butter and graham crackers in hand ALWAYS! This is why I love this recipe – you don’t need to have full chocolate bars on hand! I’m telling you right now – these would be gone in seconds in our house (yes boys – I’m looking at you!).

smores dessert


Graham crackers

Butter (just have one stick available)

Marshmallow fluff

Chocolate chips

Loaf of french bread

How to Make Smores Dessert – S’mores Crostini

smores dessert

  1. Put oven on broil.

  2. Cut french bread into thin slices and place on baking sheet.

  3. Place 3 graham crackers in a plastic bag and beat with rolling pin to make a dust.

  4. Melt butter and brush it on bread.

  5. Sprinkle graham cracker dust on bread

  6. Toast in oven until lightly golden. Just a couple of minutes.

  7. Place a dollop of marshmallow fluff onto each crostini.

  8. Place on chocolate chips.

  9. Finish off with another dusting of graham cracker crumbs.

  10. Put under the broiler again until fluff starts to get a nice golden brown.

See the Smores Dessert recipe for the S’mores Crostini in photos! This is the cutest recipe, too! I love that this could also be a fabulous dessert for a party, too! These are such easy dessert finger foods for people to dine one!

Brushing the butter on the bread!

smores dessert

Sprinkle the graham crackers right on the bread!

smores dessert

Pop on some marshmallow fluff – and don’t let your kids eat too much of it before you do! Add some yummy chocolate chips on top!

smores dessert

Add some additional graham crackers right on top, too! Looks insane, right?

smores dessert

Looks amazing, right!? I’m telling you – these are the easiest to make! And I’m telling you right now – these are also the most delicious to eat, too! I just love these types of easy dessert recipes because they really are so fabulous to look at and to eat! Thank you to my girl Sheri for making these for the blog! I’m obsessed with these and I can’t wait to make these all year long, too!

Check out Sheri’s other recipes on the blog, too! Her latest one Naan Pizza is a family fave!

And I’m obsessed with Sheri’s blog, too – so check it out – When The Kids Go To Bed!



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    Dana Rodriguez said:

    This looks really good. And I love how easy it is!

  2. 2.20.19
    Tim said:

    The marshmallow fluff must be the key to this recipe, because whenever we try to put marshmallows in the oven, they come out rock hard.

  3. 2.24.19

    This looks like an amazing smores dessert.

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