ZARA Maxi Dress for the Spring

Morning ladies!! I’m enjoying this twist in the air right now! Spring is almost here and it’s all I think about right now. It’s been a long winter and truthfully – I’ve had enough! I need some spring in my life right now and I would prefer it to be with NO snow! I went shopping at ZARA last week to try and wish in the spring a little quicker. I found some adorable dresses and bought a couple (don’t tell my husband!). There was a ZARA Maxi Dress that I couldn’t take my eyes off of and I’m excited to share it with you today!

ZARA Maxi Dress

Zara Maxi Dress

When it comes to spring style – consistently – I love to bring in some colors. I’m someone who loves to wear blacks and navys and browns and beiges in the winter, but when it comes to spring and summer I’m all about the bright and bold colors. It’s funny – you can literally tell from my closet what season it is JUST by looking at the color of my clothes. This ZARA Maxi Dress jumped out to me because I loved the different colors together and the print just seemed to sweet to me. It was elegant and trendy at the same time.

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So what is it about this dress that I fell head over spring fashion love with? Here’s the details on it directly from ZARA: Round neck dress with beaded tie appliqué. V-neck and long balloon sleeves with elastic cuffs. A-line silhouette. Ruffled seam detail. I’m only 5 feet, so I’m always hesitant in getting anything long. I’ve always felt that I look a little ridiculous in long dresses, but I can’t help it – when I find one I love, I can’t help it – I need it. I’ve realized that I can get away with wearing long dresses by wearing super duper high heels. It’s how I feel more confident and how I make sure it’s not dragging on the ground!

Zara Maxi Dress

But the flow of this dress is just about everything to me! I love that when I walk it floats up and down. It’s my daughter’s dream come true. Look at the wind hitting my dress just a little bit right here, it’s so much fun to see it fly!! Not to mention the balloon sleeves are super fun, too! They really add an elegant and nice touch to the dress.  The elastic cuffs make it so the sleeves stay put, which is nice when you’re out an about. You don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting.

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I’ve really been having some fun amping up the fashion content on my blog again lately and it’s fun to see what’s out there and share it with you. I’m hoping you don’t mind if I’m totally mad real here for a moment. One of the reasons I love a good maxi dress is because you don’t have to worry about it being sucked to your body. It’s the perfect dress for you to feel beautiful in and not worried about any of your “worry zones” making you self conscious. This ZARA Maxi Dress covers my stomach region perfectly (after 5 kids, the stomach does what the stomach wants to do). I’m always so nervous buying anything that is to form fitting because I’m beyond self conscious of that area. In this dress? NADA. No worries.

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My husband is a trooper to come with me to the beach and just have some fun with this dress! He always makes me laugh as I swing around and take photos. I love to show off the pieces of an outfit that I love the most. If you can see – there are 2 strings from the collar – and you can tie or let them go loose! I let mine fly! The v-neck front if also nice because it does give it a little but of a (dare I say it) sexy edge to the outfit. It’s not so low where you’re worried about your bra hanging out, but it works really well!

Zara Maxi Dress on the beach

Also – take a look at the pattern here. It’s really elegant and sweet at the same time. I’ve been going through a boho stage again with my clothing, so I loved that it had an edge of boho with sweetness, too. It really is such a great and easy add-on into your closet. I was thinking I could wear this to just about anything. I couldn’t wear this to something fancy, but I could wear this to drinks with my friends, date night with my husband or even a work event. Flowers are such a big hit this season and I adore that you have this flower power all over the dress!

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Bask in finding yourself some fantastic maxi dresses this season. I’m telling you – this ZARA Maxi Dress was the jackpot for me and you will probably see me wearing this a million times this spring! I’m just warning you right now!

Zara Maxi Dress

But the good news… spring is ALMOST here! Can you taste it coming!? I personally can’t wait and have been dreaming of sunshine and flowers blooming since LAST spring! I’m not cut out for the winter (though it wasn’t that bad of a one this year!). I just need sunshine and beaches and all things tropical!

Zara Maxi Dress

Make sure you check out some of my other spring styles. I love sharing some of my picks with you. I’m all about making sure that you find the best of the best out there!

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Check out more of the ZARA dress over at They have tons of options and really beautiful styles right now. You can’t go wrong with any of them! My advice would be to go and try on a million dresses first. I don’t have much luck shopping online. I need to touch, feel and try on. I can’t just pull and go. Have some fun and give yourself the afternoon to see what’s out there and enjoy the selections!




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