25 Weeks Pregnant Belly [Jane’s UPDATE]

I can’t believe I am now 25 weeks pregnant with little Brad! I’m coming up on the final weeks of my second trimester and I have to say, this pregnancy is going really fast. People are starting to take notice of my belly more since it’s getting bigger and bigger, and acknowledging the fact that I’m fairly far along in my pregnancy. I can’t say I don’t enjoy people going a little out of their way to help me out, whether it’s holding a door for me, asking if I need help carrying something, or giving up their seat for me. These are those little perks that come with my 25 weeks pregnant belly!

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Belly at 25 Weeks

Then there are the strange things people say to you. Like when I told someone I am having a boy and she said, “Well, at least you already got your girl.” And when someone else asked my husband and I if this pregnancy was planned. I think people just don’t know what to say sometimes. It doesn’t offend me, it just makes me laugh.

I definitely feel myself slowing down a bit and getting fatigued a little quicker, so I try to give myself little breaks throughout the day. I’m also getting some of the aches and pains that can come along with pregnancy at 25 weeks, like sciatica and round ligament pain. At the end of one recent active day, I had to have my husband help me put my socks on after I got out of the shower. Thank goodness he’s such a supportive partner and only made fun of me a little!

According BabyCenter.com, at 25 weeks:

Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. His weight – 1 1/2 pounds – isn’t much more than an average rutabaga, but he’s beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. As he does, his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he’ll start to look more and more like a newborn. He’s also growing more hair – and if you could see it, you’d be able to discern its color and texture.

With this being my third pregnancy, it’s fun to look back and compare my belly to how I looked when I was pregnant with Brian and Eve. All of my pregnancies have been fairly similar so far, but I definitely notice with this third baby that my 25 weeks pregnant belly is a little more prominent than it was at this stage with my first two.

I found some photos from my pregnancies with Brian and Eve from just about 25 weeks, so I thought it would be fun to compare photos from those pregnancies with this one.

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly Photos

25 Weeks Pregnancy

Brian – This photo was taken in October 2013. You can kind of tell there’s a baby in there, right!? It definitely wasn’t the kind of belly that would make someone do a double take. At this point in my pregnancy with Brian I felt that I was just starting to show. I remember this was taken after dinner out one night with my parents. Little did we know how life was about to change in just 15 weeks. Dinner out pre-kids was pretty easy. Now, with kids who are 5 and 3, dinner out is a little crazy – there are a millions things going on and you’re just trying to make sure everyone makes it out of there in one piece – and that you don’t make everyone around you hate you!

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Eve – This photo was taken in February 2016. My 25 weeks pregnant belly absolutely stood out more here. I was working at my family’s company at this time, so my dad would take weekly pregnancy shots for me right outside of my office. The company has since merged with another company, and I don’t work there anymore, so I do miss having those weekly photo sessions with my dad. They were special to both of us! Little Brian turned 2 just around this time, and I remember being so excited to see him become a big brother. And I was super excited to meet my baby girl in just a few short months.

Brad – Well, there’s no denying that I am pregnant here! This is me and my 25 weeks pregnant belly, taken today by my husband on our vacation in Pompano Beach, Florida. This is my tenth year coming to South Florida this time of year for vacation with my husband. We stay at a timeshare condo his family bought before he was even born, and he first brought me when we had been dating for less than a year. So it’s pretty special to come here with our own kids now, and think back on how our lives have changed since we first started coming together – all for the better, of course. Sure, we don’t get to lay by the pool on lounge chairs all day anymore, reading or resting, but we get to watch our kids have a blast swimming in the pool and playing at the beach, and that is truly priceless.

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly

I’m hoping the rest of this vacation continues to bring us sun, fun and (maybe even?) a little relaxation. Yes, we’re chasing after the kids, but at least we’re getting a little break from our normal routine at home and making lots of family memories. Plus, I can’t complain about escaping the Northeast winter and enjoying some summer-like weather for a bit.

And I’ll always be able to remember that we brought little Brad along with us on this vacation in my 25 weeks pregnant belly. It’s so fun to feel his little movements, knowing that next year when we come he will be coming along with us to the pool and the beach.

Are you 25 weeks pregnant right now?  How does your 25 weeks pregnant belly look? Share away! How are you feeling? Are you making sure you give yourself some self-care?

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I’ll be dishing every week on how I’m feeling and what signs and symptoms I’m experiencing! Every pregnancy is different, but enjoy the stages – it goes by quick!

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    I really enjoyed reading this post Janie. Can’t wait to meet Brad. I know that you’re getting fatigued at your 25 week mark but you look great and I’m so happy that you’re having a great vacation. Love Dad

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