What to Wear to Disney World

I feel like I could probably recommend a million different outfit combinations when you’re thinking about what to wear to Disney World. Disney is the mecca for our family. Disney is the mother ship.

What to Wear to Disney World

Disney is the end all be all for my kids, especially Victoria. Disney is a place where you go to be a kid again and live a magical vacation for however long you’re there. Disney is just the best place on earth, after all – it’s the happiest place on earth and it’s just a magnificent place to visit! Decided what to wear to Disney is a BIG DEAL, so I’m excited to share with YOU what to wear to Disney World.

What to Wear to Disney World

Let me start off with this little piece of information when you’re trying to decide what to wear to Disney World. It’s a time to have FUN and be FREE! I feel like when I’m packing for Disney World I’m always think about the most creative and cool outfits and styles that I can find. It’s OK to wear your Disney love on your sleeve (literally!). Actually wearing your Disney love and style is encouraged and it’s super fun to see what other people are rocking around the park!

What to Wear to Disney World

It’s just a time to really be into Disney fashion and Disney style. Keep this in mind as you’re packing and figuring out all the different things that you can wear!!

What to Wear to Disney World

Style #1 for What to Wear to Disney World

Let’s kick it off with some PRINCESS WEAR! If you have a little princess, it’s time to be a big princess, too! Again – there’s the thing about Disney World, ANYTHING GOES! You don’t have to feel embarrassed or worried about looking silly! If you feel like a princess, you’re on the right track!

Victoria loves tutus, so when it comes to thinking about what to wear to Disney, wear a fabulous TUTU and be a princess! I found this tutu on sale over on Amazon for $20! They have it in a million different colors! We found some shirts that match and we just had some tutu fun! This is EXACTLY one fashion style I would wear to Disney World! Rock the tutu mama with your girl!

What to Wear to Disney World

What to Wear to Disney World

Style #2 for What to Wear to Disney World

If you love Disneybounding, Disney is the place to bring it all out! I am obsessed with creating Disneybounding looks with my daughter. If you’re not familiar with Disneybounding OR asking yourself, “What to Disneybounding?” let me help you out! DisneyBound is meant to be Disney inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet whether from your closet or local mall.

So essentially you pick your favorite Disney character and create a “costume” or stylish look around whomever it is! You actually don’t dress IN the costume, but you dress inspired by the costume. That’s the beauty of Disneybounding. You become inspired and then you create something gorgeous and beautiful and within your style.

My advice? Have some fun with some Disneybounding! Pick a character and go with the Disney style love if it all! I love being able to find a character that inspires me and then sharing that love with my fashions and styles. The best part is even sharing that Disney love with my daughter, too.

Belle Disneybound


Style #3 to What to Wear to Disney World

One of my favorite things to do is request some custom TV shirts for our trip to Disney World! It’s always so much fun to dress my family in some Disney Shirts! I head over to etsy and see what all the different styles and creations are and there’s always something for me there! I just love it to pieces!

It’s great fun to find a treasure and then have them made for everyone in my family! If you’re looking to wear just jeans and/or shorts while you’re there because you don’t want to dress up, find some fun shirts and tops over on etsy! The prices are phenomenal and the styles are awesome for everyone in your family!

What to Wear to Disney World

What to Wear to Disney World

Style #4 to What to Wear to Disney World

Find the mouse and wear him proud! Mickey and Minnie are the iconic Disney characters, so ANYTHING you wear the reflects them will be a homerun out of the park! You can find Mickey and Minnie shirts anywhere online! head to amazon or eBay or Kohl’s or Macy’s or Target! I feel like every single shopping destination out there has a Mickey shirt!

I feel like this is the best go to for trying to decide what to wear to Disney World. It’s just easy and you can’t go wrong with a fabulous tee that reflects the heart of Disney! I also think it’s a great item that you can dress up or down!! And don’t forget that you can rock some awesome EARS, too! These can be bought online or right at the parks! The last time I was there I bought a pair and wore them the ENTIRE TIME!

Mickey Shirt from Evereve

As you can see there are so many ways to wear your Disney love and style while visiting Disney World. I’m all about making the visit as magical as can be and that starts with how you’re dressing for your trip! This is one of the best ways to really get there and kick off the Disney fun and the Disney magic!

I’m all about trying to make the trip as fun as can be! You want to always make sure that you are ready for the magic to live within you for the entire time you’re there! You can wear “regular” clothes all the time! You want to make sure when you’re deciding what to wear to Disney World that it’s the most magical trip as can be!

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  1. 5.15.19
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    Omg I love the mommy-daughter outfits!!! So many great ideas in this post!

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    I love all of these, but Snow White has always been my favorite princess. So, any outfit with her in it would have to be my favorite.

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    Your matching outfits are so perfect! Love!

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    Amy Deeter said:

    absolutely love this. wish i would have done something like this when we went to Disney

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    Those are some super cute ideas. My kids would love to wear special matching t-shirts or outfits.

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    I love the vogue Disney shirt.

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    I love this because i always wanted to go to disney worls and i know attire is a must to look the part. i appreciate this article as it gives me alot of insight.

  24. 5.20.19
    Barrie said:

    I LOVE the tutus! Dressing for comfort and fun is definitely a must for Disney! My adult child would wear a Mickey mouse shirt, I would wear a Pooh one, and my hubby would be comfy in his shorts, funny tee, and flip flops!

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    Cute outfits to wear!

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