Summer Coloring Pages

Happy summer! Many of us spend our time at home, at the pool or at the beach during the summer. As much as I know each place is filled with fun activities, I always like to have a “work” bag with me for the kids. My 5 year old daughter Victoria is BIG into worksheets and having things to do during the summer. I’ve been big into printing out summer coloring pages and she’s been loving it! Yesterday at our pool club I had 8 little kids coloring away and enjoying the worksheets!

Summer Coloring Pages

Summer Coloring Pages

The cool thing about coloring is that it’s fun work to do for a kid. I love seeing the different colors and creations that my daughter and her friends make when they sit and just create! It’s adorable to see them in their element having a good time. When I was a kid I loved coloring pages, I would sit for hours with them.

Seeing how much Victoria loves summer coloring pages, I thought it would be fun to have a good amount of them printed out and ready for wherever and whenever this summer. I actually bought a few waterproof folders at my local Staples and packed a “Coloring Bag” for the pool and the beach.

I spent all this past weekend looking for great summer coloring pages and printing them out. I (honestly) think I went through a ream of paper! I had so much fun finding such great pages for her to enjoy! She’s going to be in 1st grade next year so watching her color inside the lines and really enjoying the process and identifying things on the pages is a true treat!

I’m excited to share some of my fave summer coloring pages with you and also share where to go and print them out. I’m telling you – I spent a good amount of time hunting and just thought it would be super easy to keep everything in one place so you don’t have to look high and low on the internet. I love having it easy to find things when I need them and I know this will be helpful to other moms and dads.

Since I know Crayola is the mecca of all things creative, I went directly there first. This past Christmas I printed out a bunch of coloring pages for Victoria and some of her friends for a playdate from there. I KNEW they would be a great place to start because it’s CRAYOLA! They did not disappoint! They had wonderful summer coloring pages for kids. Not only that – coloring pages that are really fun and time consuming to do. I love seeing my daughter having to take her time and not rush!

1st Stop: CRAYOLA

I’m telling you, there are tons upon tons upon tons of coloring pages over here. You can search by season, holiday, Disney, animals, plants, etc! There are so many cool options and you will honestly just have a blast searching through the different creations. Victoria wanted these 3 in particular. We’re camping later this summer, so it’s a coloring and search!


Summer Coloring Pages

Summer Coloring Pages

Summer Coloring Pages

2nd Stop:

If you’re someone who would like your child to do a little coloring and learning this summer, has some great options for you, too. Very much like Crayola – you could end up printing out tons of them. You will have selections galore and be thrilled with everything you see! I’m all about making sure I utilize these a ton this year, too.

What I personally love about finding coloring pages over here is that the include lessons with each printable, too. They also break everything down my grade, so you can easily go to where you need to be for your child. I love that you get additional information off of each sheet, too. I want Victoria to be enjoying the coloring, but also learning at the same time. This is perfect for that!

Summer Coloring Pages Printables for Kids Printables for Kids

3rd Stop:

I just found this sight this past weekend and I’m a big fan already! I love that you can dive deep and find exactly what it is that you need. I found the best summer coloring pages here and thought that they looked awesome. They are a tiny bit advanced for Victoria, but a good challenge for her. I just think they’re super fun and cool to check out.

Everything is themed out! It’s super easy to navigate, too!

Printables for Kids to Draw

Printables for Kids to Draw

Printables for Kids to Draw

These are my top 3 places to head to when looking for the best coloring pages. I’m not just talking for the summer, I’m talking for anything. You will find so many options and great selections. You can’t go wrong and you will love what you find! Make sure you take the time to find some gems for your kids! There’s also adult coloring, too (if you feel like it). Have some summer fun with these cool printables.

Check out some additional printables here:

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