How to Wear Neon Clothes

I’m all about neon clothes this summer! I’ve been seeing neon pops of color here, there and everywhere! I’m someone who is very conscious of wearing trends that aren’t too young for me. I’m 41 years old, I’m not a 20-something chick on Instagram! I’m always aware of what I’m wearing and if it’s appropriate, especially when I’m wearing the latest trends and shorts.

How to Wear Neon ClothesHow to Wear Neon Clothes in the Winter

Neon Clothes for women

I’ve combined both of the fashion statements today in this fashion post and I’m thrilled and excited about it! Neon clothes are something that I’ve been wearing since I was a teenager, which is probably why I was aware of making sure that whatever I chose wasn’t too (I’m going to say it) young for me. You wouldn’t catch me in a crop top, let me just say that! I found an awesome and comfy neon top in a few different neon colors that I am obsessed with this summer.

OBSESSED with this neon top is a little bit of an understatement. If you know me in real life, you know I’ve been wearing this little baby almost every single day! It’s chilly in the mornings here, so I’ve been using my neon clothes all the time. I find it so much fun to feel attached to something on the fashion front, especially when it’s something you can wear multiple times.

While I was in NYC this past spring I had a little time to kill, so I popped into the store Aerie to check out a few of their pajamas. I’ve always been a fashion sucker for a cute pajama and they had so awesome window displays that brought me right on in! The second I walked in I saw the cutest neon clothes, they were bright and bold, but also soft and cuddly! I couldn’t get over how great they were!

I immediately when into the dressing room and tried on Aerie’s Beach Fleece! I have to say, it doesn’t feel like fleece and it’s not actually fleece, so don’t be thrown off by the name. I know I would be if I saw it online. I was just attracted to the neon clothes in the corner, not necessarily what the actual name of the item was, so I’m glad I didn’t stop with the “beach fleece name.”

Neon Clothes for women

Neon Top Details

See you at the shore! This super comfy beach fleece is a big love to live in.
  • Airy, hacci fabric is light & super comfy
  • With a texture that makes this feel loved-a-lot
  • Crew neck
  • Drop shoulder for a pretty silhouette
  • Style inspo: these long sleeves are amazing rolled—s’cute!

I also love that you can wear shorts appropriately in the summer, too even at 41 years old! Shorts are a way of life in the summer. If you can’t wear shorts, you’re sweltering. I mean SWELTERING. You need shorts and shorts need you. I’ve had these distressed denim shorts for years. They are the comfiest short on the planet for me. I wanted to dress them up a bit with my neon top, so I paired them up!

Neon Clothes for women

I’ve found that when I wear a top that is bigger and looser with some denim shorts, the look goes together like a perfect sandwich! It just works because you’re not wearing a top that’s too tight. I felt that with some of my new summer neon clothes, it would be easy to rock the top (I also have it in yellow!) with my shorts. I tossed on some espadrilles to amp the look up a notch and VIOLA! I had my summer heading out to dinner with my man look!

Summer Trends for Women

If you’re wondering what to wear this outfit to, let me share some of my suggestions:

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What to Wear on a “regular” Summer Night

I personally love this look and really feel stylish and comfy in it, which is exactly what you want in an outfit, right? You don’t want to feel like you’re super uncomfortable. You want to feel that whatever you have on is YOU, but also a look that you feel confident and ready to tackle and take on the day in! I also love that my husband loved this look, too. That didn’t hurt at all! He lit up when I came down with this look on and after 20 years of being together, that’s still a big deal for me!

Summer Trends for the Summer

Don’t forget to take on the neon clothes trend this summer! It’s one I love and really think it works for anyone, at any age! Don’t think it’s just for the youngsters, it’s not! You can rock this look and you will look fabulous, I promise! Not to mention I know this will be the coziest top in the fall and winter months ahead, too! I can’t wait to wear it all year long, this is not just a summer look for me.

Neon Clothes

As an aside, Neon Top Materials & Care

  • 40% Polyester, 32% Cotton, 28% Viscose
  • Machine wash

Don’t forget to check out this Aerie Beach Fleece today! There are a couple of neon colors that are available! They wash really well, too. I’ve washed mine multiple times and they still come out of the wash looking brand new! This is always important to me, too! I loved my neon top so much, I went and bought another!

I’m also obsessed with neon sneakers this summer! Make sure you take the time to check out these options from Nike! They are adorable and (again) work for any age! Here’s the post here to see all the options out there!

We’re big fashion people here, make sure you check out our YouTube channel to see more of what we wear and what we love and do in our family! We love sharing it all and think it’s great to find new friends out there to follow along with us, too!

Also – share with me on social some other neon clothes that you love and wear!

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