Preparing for Kindergarten as a Parent

I’ve put 5 kids through kindergarten and (I’ve got to admit) it never gets easy. Preparing for Kindergarten as a parent can be just as challenging as preparing your child. Your little one is going out in the world, ready to take on school! It’s a brand new experience and for some kids this is the first time they’ve been in school all day long. It can be a BIG transition time for everyone.

Preparing for Kindergarten as a Parent

Preparing for Kindergarten

Last year was Victoria’s Kindergarten turn. She’s my youngest and truthfully it hit me hard. It also was tough because she wasn’t too happy about going off to Kindergarten because she didn’t know anyone in her class on the 1st day. Preparing for Kindergarten all around last year was tough. I tried to be strong. She tried to be strong. Sometimes it’s not always as seamless as you wish it could be and that’s OK!

Since I’ve been through the preparing for Kindergarten 5 times, I wanted to share with you some of my tips and advice. Kindergarten is such a fun time for kids because they get to go off and be “big” kids for the first time! When I saw my oldest walk off with his teacher all those years ago, it made my heart soar. My “big” guy was now the “big” guy going off. He was so little, but yet – so big.

Tips for Preparing for Kindergarten as a Parent:

1. Start reading some books about kindergarten to get your child excited

This is an easy one for you and your child. Head to your local bookstore or library and grab some books that are based specifically on Kindergarten. Enjoy reading together about the adventures of someone else going out into the world and navigating this same adventure! I know we bought 2 or 3 books that Victoria still loves to read at night.

2. Start taking dry runs to school over the summer

This is one that can be important for you and your child, too. Whether you want to do a dry run of the bus route or let your child experience the playground at their school, it’s good to get out there and have them explore the grounds and the lay of the land. You might even be able to head to the school and go on a tour with your child.

3. Join a school Facebook group to get to know some of the other parents

This is such a great resource for moms and dads out there. I would think at this point that every school has FB page and/or group for parents. I know all of the schools that my kids go to have a private parent FB group. It’s wonderful because you can connect and ask questions that are on your mind. Use this as one of your top resources and maybe even connect with other new Kindergarten moms and dads, too.

4. Schedule playdates with other students over the summer

We did this last year quite a bit! Victoria loved playing with her friends and having a great ole time with them! Have some playdates for your child during the summer and let your child play with kids they will be going to school with during the year. You might even buddy up up a playdate with a few other families and see about meeting new kids, too!

5. Be honest with the teachers about your child and their nerves

If your child (or you!) is very nervous about the start of Kindergarten, reach out to the teacher your child will have and share this information. Kindergarten teachers are the most patient and understanding and they’ve seen it all. Don’t be worried about sharing exactly what you’re feeling or that he/she is feeling. It will make for an easier transition if the teacher knows there are some nerves there.

6. Talk to other parents in the school

Use the FB group or other parents to connect you! If you’re super nervous about the upcoming year and preparing for Kindergarten ask other parents about their experiences. We learn the most from each other and I’ve always felt that it’s the easiest way to learn, when we learn from each other.

Hoping these TIPS for preparing for Kindergarten as a parent help you out! It’s not always the easiest thing to do and it’s important to make sure you know you’re not alone. We’ve all been there and we all remember those feelings. Even with Victoria going off to 1st grade next year, my heart tugs! Please know that this is something that every parent feels to some degree!

And also, as a personal note here, too. I want you to know that everything is OK. You will get through the day. You will get through the first week. And you will get through the first year. I was a nervous wreck on the first day for Victoria (read below) and I just sat at home waiting for the time for her to get home. She came home with ALL smiles! It made me laugh that I was actually nervous for her, but I’m a parent and that’s what I do.

I’m also excited to share with you some other content about Kindergarten and preparing for school that I’ve written. Love for you to read some of the pieces below and tell me what you think. As I was finding old posts it made me smile to see my oldest son and his Kindergarten post. I can’t believe he’s starting high school this year – which is a whole other can of worms for me!

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I’ve also documented experiences on YouTube, too. Love for you to take a look at our page and see us going through it life with our family! I love being able to share our life because it’s a slice of who we are and I hope that what we share entertains.




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  1. 7.24.19
    mami2jcn said:

    That’s a tough transition. In our state kindergarten is a full day. I really think kindergarten should only be a half-day.

  2. 7.24.19
    Allie Bouley said:

    This was so helpful! We are starting pre-K in the fall and Natalie is already talking about how nervous she is about it!! I’m prime-ing (is that a verb?!) myself some books about starting school right now!!

  3. 7.28.19
    Marisela Zuniga said:

    Great tips, my son starts kindergarten next year

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