What to Wear in NYC

NYC is a place I love to visit with my family and even on solo trips for work! There’s an energy about NYC that is electric and incredible and just extraordinary! When I lived in NYC for 6 years after college, I fell in love with the City. I think I explored everything you can explore while there. when people would come to visit, the BIG question about ALWAYS be, “What to wear in NYC?”

What to Wear in NYC (at night)

What to Wear in NYC

It’s the question of all questions, right? Let’s face it, I go directly to SEX AND THE CITY. I mean – DIRECTLY THERE. It’s almost like you can define you style by one of the ladies. Are you classic and elegant? Are you edgy? Are you professional? Are you sexy? You probably fit into one of those style brackets and in NYC (the one thing I have always known) ANYTHING goes!

I want to go through some of my fave looks that I have and would wear in NYC! I want to showcase looks that would be for hanging out, chilling, heading out on the town and touring the City! You want to make sure you’re comfortable, yes! But it’s NYC, so you can also really have some fun with fashion! I personally love a good fashion find, so this is truly so much fun for me to share what I love on the fashion front.

First up on what to wear to NYC?

A black lace dress is a dress you can get away with in NYC for ever and ever! Wearing black is a must have and a must do in NYC. It’s the statement look and the statement color. I love this black lace dress because it’s elegant and fun and sexy all at the same time. It’s also VERY NYC! I tried this on and just fell in love with it immediately!

What to Wear in NYC

What to Wear in NYC

What to Wear in NYC

What to Wear in NYC

What to Wear in NYC

I found this exact dress for you to buy, too! It’s around $190, but it’s the best money you will spend on a little black dress! Here are some of my finds for you on the black lace dress front from ShopStyle!

Next item for what to wear in NYC?

Let’s talk a red hot romper!

I love this look because it’s super chic and sweet and (I’ll say it) SEXY! I thought this look would be great for dinner out in NYC! It’s just perfection and easy to wear. I love a good romper, but I also love the color red! I feel like this color is such a great color for NYC, especially in the summer! It’s just a fun look and I think it’s fantastic!

Red Romper

Next up on the what to wear in NYC?

How about just a basic jeans and white tee? I love this look that anyone and everyone can pull off! I personally love this look because you could tool about NYC in this touring and visiting different places. It’s just an easy and practical look and it’s also a chic and elegant look, too! It’s just one of my personal faves!

Jeans and a white tee

Next up on my what to wear in NYC list?

I love me some band tees! GIRLS! These are so much fun to wear, regardless of your age! I found this one at Target and I fell in love with it! It’s simple and fun and edgy. I also love pairing it with a fun blazer. I have this camo one that I found at Evereve and I have worn it a million times! It’s just an easy go to look, especially for NYC! I actually feel like this look embodies NYC to the core!

Rolling Stones tee

Next up for what to wear in NYC?

Let’s have some gorgeous floral dress options! This style never ever goes out of style! I personally love a great floral dress because it’s just a fantastic print for any occasion. It’s also a dress that could be dressed up and dressed down! I love this because you can add a blazer to a dress like this, too – or even a leather jacket! Have some fun with this one!! FIND ANY FLORAL!!

Floral dress

Next up for what to wear in NYC?

I’m talking CAMO baby! I’m obsessed with camo and NYC is a great City to wear this fun and awesome print! I pair with my camo tee jeans and shorts and even trouser pants! You could even rock this with a pencil skirt! I love that you can actually take this print and really dress it up or wear it totally casually! I just love love love a good camo! It’s fabulous and it’s a print I will wear all the time and forever!

What to Wear in NYC

Next on the what to wear in NYC front?

Let’s talk LEATHER baby! OK, this is faux leather… but I love the look of it. I’m all about a gorgeous leather jacket. I think it’s such an easy piece to add to any look. I’m not kidding – I probably add my jacket to 80% of my looks. I think it’s NYC to a T! It’s edgy and sexy and chic and trendy. It’s everything! I personally love it and I think it’s a must have when you’re visiting NYC! I just paired it here with jeans and a super simple blouse! DONE!

What to Wear in NYC

I’m telling you – NYC style – anything goes, so you can’t go wrong! I just wanted to make sure I shared some of my fave looks that you could pull together. Maybe use them as inspiration. Maybe use them as a gauge. I think it’s so much fun to go out of your fashion comfort zones when you’re going to fun places and NYC is one of those places!!

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