How to Prep for the Ski Season Ahead

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We started skiing as a family last year for the very first time. Living in New England, we can be at various ski resorts in just a couple of hours. It makes it so convenient for our family to drive away for a ski weekend. When we went on our first family ski excursion last year, we quickly realized that we should’ve been doing this for years prior. Everyone had the best time and it was incredible family bonding time together.

Ultimate Ski Guide for Parents

As many of you know, I’m into fashion big time, but I don’t like to break the bank while dressing myself or my family. Skiing is a great opportunity to have some fashion fun, but you don’t need to spend tons of money to look your best or feel your best on the slopes. I’m a big Capital One fan and I’ve been using my Capital One Walmart Rewards Card to help me prep and get everything I need for my ski trips with my family.

Ultimate Ski Guide for Parents

One thing I wasn’t prepared for with my family was all the ski needs. Let me put it simply, you can’t just wear a lightweight winter jacket skiing, you need a ski jacket. You also need ski pants, goggles, ski gloves, ski socks and a bunch of other items. It’s something that you truly need to prepare for and think about, not something that you just toss together and go. I’m here to help prep you for the ski season ahead and let you know what you need.

Ultimate Ski Guide for Kids

Walmart has a ski department online and in my local store that will have you covered (literally) with ski jackets, ski pants, ski hats, ski gloves, ski goggles, ski neck warmers and ski socks. You really can get everything you need for your family’s numerous ski trips throughout the winter at Walmart. All those accessories might add up, but with Walmart’s everyday low prices AND the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, I can additionally earn 5% back online and in-store using Walmart Pay for the first 12 months after I get approved. But that’s not all!  Since we’re traveling to all of our ski destinations – we head to New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine – I’m earning rewards using my Capital One Walmart Rewards Card with 2% back on all travel and restaurant purchases during my daily life and while I’m traveling (for work or play), and 1% back everywhere else the card is accepted with my Capital One Walmart Rewards Card. So, throughout our family’s ski season, we’re earning and getting rewarded for every dollar we’re spending out and about.

Ultimate Ski Guide for Parents

As we’re getting ready to hit the slopes, I knew it was time to stock up on ski essentials at Walmart with my card. Since so many people ask what they should be bringing on a ski trip, I thought it would be easier to create a guide for you. I’m going to showcase what I bought for my family at Walmart for our upcoming ski season.

Ultimate Ski Guide for Parents

Ski Clothing Guide for Family:

Ski Neck Warmers – These will keep your exposed necks warm in the cold weather.
9.8″x9.5″ Fleece Neck Warmer Snood Scarf Hat Unisex Thermal Ski Wear Snowboard $11.97 – Made of high grade polar fleece material, soft, skin-friendly, warm-keeping and windproof.
(2) Pink
(5) Gray

Ski Goggles – These will protect your eyes against the cold so you can see clearly as you head down the mountain.
Bolle Ski and Snowboard Goggles 20570 Shiny Black Clear Mojo $14
(6) Pairs (Matt, Audrey, William, Alex, Ben and Henry)

AGPTEK Kids Youth Junior Snowboarding Snow Ski Goggles Windproof Anti Fog Black$8.67
Pair for Victoria

Ski Socks – These are essential socks because you want to make sure your toes are warm throughout the day.
(2 Packs) LISH 3 Pack LISH Women’s Ski Snowboarding Over The Calf Thermal Snow Socks$24.99 (Matt, Audrey, William, Alex, Ben and Henry)

BAGGUCOR Ski Socks Kids Winter Warm Snowboard Thermal Socks For Boys Girls – $8.99
Pair for Victoria

Ski Hats – These hats are key because they will protect your ears under your ski helmet.
(7 of them) Unisex Peruvian Winter Ear Flap Muff Ski Hat Kids Teens Skully Beanie Cap Snow$7.33

Ski Gloves for Adults – These are incredibly warm for your hands, you want to make sure they’re as protected as can be.
SK1012-OSFM Premium Ski Glove, 40 gm 3M Thinsulate Lined$10.00

Ski Gloves for Kids – These are incredibly warm for your hands, you want to make sure they’re as protected as can be.

Ski Pants: iXtreme Kids Unisex Insulated Ski Bib Snowpant Snowboard Snowsuit$39.99

Ski Jacket Option for my Husband – You want to make sure your body is as warm as possible while skiing all day. A proper ski jacket is a requirement.
Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket Windproof Rain Jackets $57.78

Ski Jacket Options for Older Sons
R-WAY Men’s Snowboard Ski Jacket Coat w/ Beanie ZEROXPOSUR$54.99

Ski Jacket Options for Younger Sons
iXtreme Puffer Jacket with Contrast Zipper $25

Ski Jacket Option for Daughter

Disney Frozen Toddler Girl Elsa Puffer Jacket Coat$29.99

Ski Jacket Option for Self
Stormtech H2XTREME Women’s Waterproof Softshell Winter Jacket with Hood Black Thermal Coat for Women$59.99

Ski Pant Option for Husband and Sons – You want to make sure your legs are warm as possible while skiing all day. Ski pants are a requirement.
Iceberg Men’s Cargo Snowboard Pant$38

Ski Pant Option for Self
Iceburg Women’s Insulated Pull-on Ski Pants$25.88

Ski Pant Option for Daughter
iXtreme Kids Unisex Insulated Ski Bib Snowpant Snowboard Snowsuit$39.99

Ski Guide for the Kids

Ski Guide for the Kids

This is getting me so excited for the ski season ahead! I love that I can buy everything right here for my family at Walmart. We’re busy and the ease with which I can shop on and through the Walmart app and still earn unlimited rewards is so great for me. Make sure you take advantage of the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card for not only your ski gear needs, but also everything you would need on your next trip, from hotels to dining experience and more.

I’m telling you, I didn’t know I’d be able to get everything on my ski list in one stop for such amazing prices… and save so much additionally on all my other purchases, too!

You know another thing I love about Capital One is that they just make it easy for their cardholders. Did you know that all cardholders can take advantage of digital tools that they offer? Yes, you can! This includes intelligent, real-time purchase notifications, security alerts, 0% fraud liability if the card is lost or stolen and the ability to lock and unlock your card directly through the Capital One mobile app. They just make it easy and seamless for you and I love that about Capital One.

Audrey McClelland and Matthew McClelland

What can I say? The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card just makes it easy for you and your family.

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  1. 11.4.19
    Jennifer said:

    Those outfits are SO cute! I love how put together everyone looks. I would definitely look into buying some of them….so I can sit in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate! I have no coordination for skiing!

  2. 11.4.19
    Melanie williams said:

    Wow you all look lovely, super cool and you are clearly prepared and ready to hit the slopes. Have fun and keep warm xx

  3. 11.4.19
    Heather said:

    Believe it or not, I’ve never been skiing before. I would love to go and take my family one day!

  4. 11.4.19
    Stacie said:

    These ski outfits are super cute! Who says you can’t be super stylish and super warm on the slopes. Your daughter is just the most adorable thing ever, BTW.

  5. 11.4.19
    Emily Zielinski said:

    I’ve only tried skiing once before but would love to go again one day, it’s good to know you don’t have to spend a fortune on gear

  6. 11.5.19

    Nnnniiiiiccceeeeee…that’s quite the list for equipment! I think I would love skiing once given the chance!

  7. 11.5.19
    Kelly Martin said:

    I love these ski outfits. They look great and they’re so affordable too.

  8. 11.5.19
    DESIREE said:

    Great fashion at very good prices! It’s great to know it can be done!

  9. 11.5.19
    Ruth I said:

    You guys look pretty stylish. I agree with all the stuff you said here. My favorite is you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look good.

  10. 11.5.19

    These are some great tips. I tried skiing for the first time a few years ago. It was terrifying and mostly stayed on the bunny hill but at least the outfit looks great. 🙂

  11. 11.5.19
    Britni said:

    We went skiing for the first time last year too, and wish I’d read your post first!

  12. 11.5.19

    Cute ski outfits! Don’t get around to do much skiing in Florida. Since leaving New York, I am cold weather-adverse LOL

  13. 11.5.19

    Looks like you’re ready for winter fun! It’s been ages since I’ve gone snowboarding. I need to go again this winter. Thanks for the reminder :). I hope you guys have fun on the slopes!

  14. 11.5.19

    having good preparations for skiing is really a must so that everyone will fully enjoy the moment. 🙂
    thank you for sharing these tips!

    Cha at Little MisadvenCHA

  15. 11.5.19 said:

    These stuffs are great finds..! They are so affordable and stylish, it makes me kore excited for another ski session.. ?

  16. 11.5.19

    I have always loved Walmart for practically having the solutions for all our needs. Lovely read too for me as skiing as an option is not available to us and hence my limited knowledge on it till now.

  17. 11.6.19

    Love the jackets! It’s perfect for ski season! So nice! Hope to get one soon.

  18. 11.6.19
    LaShawn said:

    I love how Walmart has something for every single thing! Love the jackets!

  19. 11.6.19
    Annemarie LeBlanc said:

    Those fashionable ski outfits looks like they are going to keep you warm while enjoying a ski holiday. Your little girl looks so cute in hers and I hope you and your family will have a great time this year.

  20. 11.8.19
    amy said:

    HOLY! We have never actually even TAKEN our family skiing, but this really has inspired me!!

  21. 11.10.19
    bn100 said:

    cute ski outfits

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