Plaid Wrap – How to Style 4 Ways

There are items that I fall in love with each season and then there are items I fall in love with and wonder how I’ve lived this long with them. It sounds a little fashion dramatic, but it’s true! I’m all about a plaid wrap right now. I love them and I just want to incorporate them into every single outfit I can at the moment! A plaid wrap is a definite must have for the winter season – regardless of where you live in the world!

Plaid Wrap – How to Style 4 Ways


When it comes to finding key pieces for each particular season, I’ve always said that in the winter you need to bring in the plaid. It doesn’t matter if it’s through a shoe, scarf, handbag, sweater, blouse, pant or bow – plaid just exudes the holiday spirit and it’s a print you really can’t wear that seamlessly in the spring and summer seasons. Even if you’re an LA girl, plaid works. It’s not just for the New England girls (like me).

I found a plaid wrap this past weekend at LOFT that I am just head over heels in love with, it’s LOFT’s Plaid Fringe Wrap. As you know, I’m kinda obsessed with LOFT! I just wrote about LOFT Dresses for the holiday, too! But this wrap? It’s in a word – SPECTACULAR. I love everything about it and really know that it’s an item I will wear over and over and over this winter season. I’m all about telling my friends to buy a few wraps for the season because they are fashion items that just work for any woman. What do I mean by this? Wraps are fashion equalizers.

You don’t need to be a certain size.

You don’t need to be a certain age.

You don’t need to be a certain body type.

That’s right – any woman can rock a wrap. It’s just the way is it and I love that about them. My big thing is finding a wrap that works perfectly with your style. I’m in love with the look of this fringe plaid wrap, so I grabbed it ASAP!!! LOVE it so much!!! In smart plaid, this flowy and drapey wrap adds an easy, breezy kind of modern chic to any outfit. Short dolman sleeves.

LOFT Plaid Wrap

The second I tried it on in the store, I knew I was hooked! It was just the perfect combo of winter and holiday for me. I also started thinking about how I could wear it. I love being able to find items that I can wear a variety of different ways and a wrap / scarf is the perfect item to “play” with on the fashion front. I immediately thought about dressing it up a bit with a thick leather belt that I have at home.

Here’s my serious look…

LOFT Fringe Plaid Wrap

And then realizing that I’m just not that cool! LOL… my husband started laughing at me trying to be all serious in front of the camera.

LOFT Fringe Plaid Wrap

The colors are what sold me on this wrap! I just thought that they were so classic and beautiful and gorgeous. I love reds and navys in the winter, they’re such big classic, festive colors!

LOFT Fringe Plaid Wrap

I wanted the plaid wrap to be the centerpiece of this outfit, but I knew I could have some fun with accessories. I grabbed my wool fedora, which I love and will wear as much as I can this winter! My kids think I look like Indiana Jones, but I don’t care – I kinda love that they say that about it! Makes me want to wear it more! And I grabbed some fun earrings! I found these at J.Crew Factory last year and just fell in love with them. I think I paid $8 for them!

LOFT Fringe Plaid Wrap

Now for the fun part! I wanted to show how you can easily wear this 4 different ways. Whenever I tell women this, they always tell me – “I don’t know how to do that… ” – here’s what I wanted to show you – YES, you can do it! It’s super easy once you see someone do it. These 4 ways are ways you can get extra wear out of your plaid wrap, too! You don’t want to just wear it one way, where’s the fun in that?

I wanted to show:

1. How to wear it as a wrap with a belt.

2. How to wear it as a cape.

3. How to wear it as it’s intended.

4. How to wear as a scarf.

Let me know which way is your favorite to style it! I personally love all the ways, but the belt wrap is probably my fave! It’s fun to do and the best part? People will think it looks super chic and stylish! It’s a fashion win win, easy and cute!

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  1. 11.20.19
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    That is really pretty. I love how you added the leather belt. Cute!

  2. 11.21.19
    sandra said:

    fun wrap.

  3. 11.21.19
    Rosie said:

    I haven’t had a wrap in ages, and they are so nice. I like it with the belt best, as it is then out of your way, but still keeps you warm and is so stylish and comfy! It looks great on you.

  4. 11.22.19
    latanya said:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I love the addition of the belt!

  5. 11.23.19

    I love this wrap and the ways you styled it! My classroom is cold in the morning but hot in the afternoons. A wrap would make it so easy to layer and stay comfortable all day.

  6. 11.25.19
    Rebecca B said:

    I have a similar wrap that I never wear, even though I love it. I may pull it out and give it another try.

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