101 NEW Things To Do this Year

It’s a NEW YEAR! Actually – it’s a NEW decade! It’s time to do some new and fun things and make this year the best year yet! I’ve listed out 101 NEW Things To Do this Year! Why not make this year a year filled with things that you’ve been wanting to do. I’ve always had a running list in my head of “must dos” and “need to try” – I just haven’t done them yet. I’m changing that this year and I hope you do, too!

101 NEW Things To Do this Year

101 New Things To Try This Year


I wanted to put together a list of 101 NEW things to do this year because I feel like at the beginning of EVERY new year, we’re always making lists of things that we want to do. We are so READY on January 1st to go crazy with the new year, but sometimes the feelings fizzle out once it gets going. I don’t want that to happen to me OR to you! I wanted to come up with ideas that we could all do year round, not just now!

I also wanted to come up with some ideas that would work for everyone. Not everything on this list is going to speak to you and that’s OK! These are just idea starters for YOU! These are hopefully getting you excited for the year ahead and inspired to do something NEW and something FUN in your life. I also tried to add things that would be good for kids, too. I feel that it’s important to bring our family into as much as we can, too!

Most important thing is to have FUN this year! I’m all about doing anything I can to change things up and add some new things into our life! I’m just really excited about seeing this list and trying to get through everything that would work for me and my family. With the NEW Year, there’s always time to try NEW things! The best part? You can start this ANYTIME!

Here is my full list!! Let me know what I’m missing and let me know what you would add right on into the 101 NEW Things To Do this Year:

Start a NEW Book
Call an Old Friend for Lunch
Call an New Friend for Lunch
Read Through Old Love Letters
Send a Love Letter
Thank a Teacher Who Helped You
Start a Gratitude Journal
Head to a City Near You for a Day
Go Camping
Go Glamping (my speed)
Work on a Family Tree
Try Ice Skating
Try Roller Skating
Head Out on a Boat
Picnic with the One you Love
Decorate your own Mug/Plate
Make a Pillow Fortress
Make S’mores Outdoors
Milkshake Night
Karaoke Night
Dance Lessons
Mudderella Race
Local Brewery
Pool Hall
Bowling Night (Rock-A-Bowl)
Musical Instrument Classes
Train for a 5K
Train for a Half Marathon
Train for a Marathon
Head to a Free Movies in the Park
Start a Neighborhood Walk
Fondue Night
Bake Something You’ve Always Wanted to Bake
Get a Facials
Go-cart racing!
Get Your Hair Professionally Blown Out
Treat Yourself to a Manicure / Pedicure
Horseback Riding
Local Art Exhibits
Swim in the Ocean
Hot Tub Relaxation Night
Try a NEW Amusement Park
Go Zip-lining
Head to a Tea Party
Host a Tea Party
Have an Over-the-top Fancy Dinner
Go to a Fortune Teller
Knitting Classes
Head to a Planetarium
Bring Your Mom and Dad Out to Dinner
Go To a Comedy Show
Start Watching a NEW TV Show
Visit an Animal Shelter
Head to a Water Park
Whitewater Rafting
Visit a Casino
Start a Girl’s Card Night
Create a Family Game Night
Indoor Batting Cages (or outdoor, depending where you live)
Indoor Tennis Courts (or outdoor, depending where you live)
Build Something with your Child (tree house, etc)
Turn Your Phones Off for the Day
Call in Sick to Work
Try Making Your Own Ice Cream
Decorate Your House for the Upcoming Holiday
Create a Slip and Slide with the Kids
Play Tag (really – when was the last time you did this?)
Redecorate a Room in Your House
Build a Sandcastle
Start Going to Church
Start Volunteering
Enjoy a Bubble Bath
Get a New Hairstyle
Try Some New Makeup
Join a Book Club
Head to a Vineyard
Start Working Out
Book a Massage for Yourself
Create a Vision Board
Organize Your Closet
Plant a Garden
Meet a New Neighbor
Do Something That Shocks Your Kids (in a good way!)
Buy Yourself a New Pair of Shoes
Head to a Concert
Create a Bucket List for this Year
Have a Girl’s Night with your Besties
Unfollow People You Don’t Know on Social Media
Start Up a Social Media Channel
Write a Letter to Your Kids
Back a Cake for NO Reason at All
Meet Someone You’ve Always Wanted to Meet
Tell Someone They’re Doing a Good Job at Something
Clean Out Your Fridge
Set Up a List of Goals
Wear a New Bold Color
Sign Up for an Art Class
Plan a Family Vacation within your Budget
Plan a Special Date Night
Try a New Morning Brew

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