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I’m all about sharing the latest and greatest when it comes to fashion. With the summer right around the corner, I’m excited to tell you about Senja Shoes, which are the best waterproof shoes. They are 100% waterproof, highly breathable, and moisture-wicking to protect against rashes and odors. The second I read about them, I knew I needed to check the out.

Senja Shoes

Senja shoes (like I said above) are the best waterproof shoes that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable no matter the season or the terrain. Whether you’re hitting the trails for hiking or the beach for walking or heading to the City streets, your feet will be covered. I feel like I’m so much more active with my family in the summer, so these speak to me for that season – but they’re good for any time of year.

So what makes these shoes so amazing and desirable?

Senja Shoes

Senja Shoes have a FlexForm slip-on comfort, which is fabulous when you’re on-the-go and are known for their FlexForm fabric. They’re made with eco-friendly materials so you help you wander far, free, and sustainably into the future.

What truly drew me into the power of Senja Shoes was when I heard about their Kickstarter. They launched and in less than 7 days, Senja achieved over $50,000 in funding. Pretty amazing, right? The Kickstarter has ended, but they are still accepting pre-orders at and are available at an exclusive pre-order price.

Senja Shoes

What makes Senja Shoes so incredible is that they can be worn comfortably in any weather conditions and on any terrain—even underwater. You can’t say that about many shoes, right? Senja’s most exciting features result from the unique type of wool used in their design. Merino wool is known as the most high-performance fabric of the 21st century. Though it’s not easy to come by, this type of wool provides unrivaled durability, comfort, and protection. Unlike most wool which is hot and itchy, Merino wool is as smooth as cashmere and regulates temperature. This is what allows Senja to remain comfortable all year round. They stay warm in snowy weather and promote cool airflow in the summer.

Senja Shoes

Merino wool is also antimicrobial and protects against bacteria, mold, fungus, allergens, and more. This means that Senja will not lead to athlete’s foot or other foot ailments caused by unseen invaders. And… one thing that I love (especially about living with 5 guys!) is that Senja will stay odor-free forever. Senja Shoes FlexForm outer layer is made from 4 distinct layers of soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and waterproof material, this revolutionary fabric keeps feet dry and comfortable in any environment—with our without socks.

Let’s talk FEATURES! What makes these so amazing?

Here are 3 of the standout features, but also a breakdown of what makes them wanted by so many right now!

Slip-on comfort: Senja slip on and off in seconds and don’t require you to tie laces.
Flexible: Senja are highly flexible and move with your stride for enhanced comfort and control.
Shock-absorbant: Senja’s SoleCast cushioning absorbs shock; ideal for climbers, runners, and adventurers.

Senja Shoes

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