Last Minute Gifts for Kids During the Holidays

Anyone else looking for last minute gifts for kids? Kids aren’t the easiest to shop for, especially if you don’t know what they need or what they want. I can’t tell you the amount of aunties and uncles, grandparents and friends who will ask me, “What do you think I should get?” for the kids in their lives.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids During the Holidays

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

Quite honestly, the answer is going to be different for everyone. Searching for last minute gifts for kids can be stressful! It’s tough when you don’t know if a child is into princesses or baby dolls. Or if a child is into dinosaurs or cars. My rule of thumb when you’re buying for a child or family is to go with classic gifts that will always go over.

I wanted to share some of my favorite last minute gift ideas for kids that you just can’t go wrong with and use this as a thought starter to categories.

This is how you can think about last minute gifts for kids. Think stuffed animals. Think family games. Think baby gifts that can be used over and over. Think in these simple categories when looking for last minute gifts for kids. These types of gifts are always fun for kids to open up.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids – Stuffed Animals:

GUND Kai Tie Dye Pink and Blue Plush Stuffed Animal Teddy BearKAI PINK AND BLUE TIE DYE TEDDY BEAR: This 12-inch tie dye teddy bear has super-soft plush on a modern style with adorably oversized head, embroidered paw pads, and colorful muzzle.

SOFT & HUGGABLE: Made from a soft, huggable material that meets famous GUND quality standards, this plush toy features surface-washable construction for easy cleaning. Appropriate for ages 1 & up.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

GUND Animated My Pet PuddlesANIMATED DOG WITH MOVEMENT AND SOUND: Winner of The National Parenting Center Award 2020, give Puddles a pat to feel him come alive in your arms with head and tail movements and soft yips that activate at the gentle touch of his super-soft plush. Tap his nose for an extra cute surprise!

HIGH-QUALITY, SAFE MATERIALS. My Pet Puddles is held to high safety standards, including embroidered features and hidden battery compartment secured with a touch and close fastener.

Baby Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Last Minute Gifts for Kids – Family Games:

Big Potato Games Sketchy Tales – Disney EditionThis Disney Game for kids game is all about silly drawings and ridiculous guesses. To start, each player takes a Disney Card and an Action Card. which they keep secret.

Decide which character you want to draw and which action you want them to perform. On the blank side of your backboard, sketch your Disney character performing their action. There’s only one rule: no words allowed.

Once everyone has finished their masterpieces, they pass them face down to the player on their left. Everyone looks at the new drawing in front of them, takes a blank Sketchy Card and clips it over the illustration.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

They write down in words what the drawing was about, who was in it and what they were doing. Once you’ve done that, pass the boards to the left again. Read the new description before you all.  Now clip a fresh Sketchy Card over the words and draw what you’ve just read. Then pass it to the left.

Continue this sequence of drawing, passing, describing and passing, until your original backboards come back to you. Then Take it in turns to reveal the strange story that your Disney character went on by laying out your Sketchy Cards in order.

The owner of this story now picks their favorite drawing or written guess and awards a point to the player responsible. The game ends when a player collects two more points than the number of people playing.

Grouch CouchGROUCH COUCH COMES ALIVE: Press the remote control and Grouch Couch grumbles, chomps, burps, eats treats and spits out Lost Goodies

UNIQUE SOUNDS: The couch randomly responds to treats with different, unique sounds. Hear a special victory song at the end of gameplay.

FAST-PACED, WACKY GAME: Grouch Couch is a wacky, fast-paced game. You never know when he’ll eat or spit out Lost Goodies.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

Last Minute Gifts for Kids – Baby Gifts:

Miniland – Fairy MAT playmat + Two VehiclesFairy-themed playmat with two ergonomic high-resistant vehicles.

The mat contains sensory elements such as visual relections and different textures and 3D elements such as bridges and tunnels. Children really enjoy driving the cars around!

When folded, the cars are stored inside the mat and a practical handle arounds parents to carry it around comfortably.

The soft padding and the large size of the mat allow kids to give free rein to their imagination and play comfortably.

Visit our store to learn more about Miniland’s Quality Toys for Real Needs collection!

Baby Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Miniland Sensorial Reef – perfect gift for a baby!

  • The ultimate play center for the baby’s first few years;
  • from 0 to 18 months;
  • It comes with a practical strap to hang it on the stroller
  • Multi-sensory elements

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

I hope these are good starters for you! Again – you can’t go wrong with stuffies (as we call them), family games and baby toys. These are great items to gift to the kids in your life. What I love about stuffed animals is that you can never (let’s be honest!) have enough.

When it comes to family games, take it from me – PERFECT GIFT. We love games and adding to our collection because it’s just a great bonding thing to do. Even with teens, we still do family night! Make sure you keep this in mind when you’re thinking of last minute gifts for kids.

And for the babies? It’s always good to get toys and items that are interactive and they can actually touch, feel and play. I think it’s just a wonderful thing to gift because you can never have enough toys for babies that capture their attention (take it from a mom of 5!).

If you’re looking for other gift ideas, check out my Gift Guide for 2020.


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