Happy 8th Birthday VICTORIA!

My Victoria is 8 years old! Like I’ve been telling her for months, 8 is great! 🙂

Victoria turns 8

It’s crazy to think that I started this blog back in 2013 (and a previous blog before that!) never dreaming or thinking that a little girl would be in my future. I never knew just how much I needed a daughter until Victoria entered my life.

Describing Victoria is pretty easy. She’s funny. She’s sweet. She’s tough. She’s caring. She’s adventurous. She’s witty. She’s smart. She’s a little mini me. She’s everything I hoped she would be and then some. I’ve often said that Victoria would be a little tougher than the “average” girl because she’s growing up with 4 older brothers. It’s just who she is and how she is as a person… and I love that about her.

Victoria turns 8

Every year for the kids on their birthday I create a little montage highlighting the last year. I don’t just pop in the BIG moments, I add in the average and ordinary moments because those are the ones I hold onto the most. Those are the moments I will treasure forever and ever.

As Victoria embarks on her 8th year… I want to give her 8 wishes…

Victoria turns 8

  1. I wish for her to have the best 3rd grade experience ever.
  2. I wish for her that she’s this much closer to convincing her dad to get a dog (wink wink).
  3. I wish that she continues to be my best little friend.
  4. I wish that she continues to discover hobbies and passions.
  5. I wish that she spends more and more time with her big brothers.
  6. I wish that learns how to ride a bike.
  7. I wish that she keeps reading books that she loves.
  8. I wish that she keeps dreaming BIG… as big as she can as an 8 year old. Sky’s the limit at 8!

Victoria turns 8

I love you Victoria! And I wish you a very, very HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY!

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