Family Christmas Pajamas: 7 Places to Shop for Them

Get into the Christmas spirit with Family Christmas Pajamas! That’s right, matching pajamas for your family is a fun tradition that everyone should do at least once. It’s a fun, festive, and memorable way to remember the holidays.

Family Christmas Pajamas


Matching Family Christmas Pajamas can be anything from festive prints to holiday colors to sayings like “Merry Christmas!” Match up with dad in his Santa Claus onesie or mom in her reindeer PJs! Matching Family Christmas Pajamas are perfect for any occasion, but they’re especially appropriate during the holidays.

Family Christmas Pajamas

It’s very easy to find pajama sets that match during the holiday season. I especially love to find matching holiday pjs or Christmas pjs for Christmas morning. That’s when all the family members are actually together for photos and I can get the whole family in matching sets! It’s a sight I just love to see and it warms my heart, especially for perfect family photos on Christmas morning with the entire family.

Matching Pajamas for the Holidays

Whether you’re looking for long johns, flannel full sets, shorts & tees, nightgowns, sleepie suits, or onesies, there are adult sizes (and kids) in just about everything. Your best option is to decide what kind of adorable set or pajama style you prefer, and then go out and find it. There are so many great reasons to do find matching family Christmas pajamas, but you will really love and appreciate years from now when you look back.

Matching Family Pajamas for the Holidays

Even when I was a little girl, my mom would do this with our family. She would search high and low for family Christmas pajamas, and make sure they were matching Christmas pajamas, too. It was always a perfect way to kick off the season and the good news is that it’s a great way to bring your family together, regardless of age! It’s just pure holiday fun and it’s fun seeing what Christmas jammies you’ll come up with each year.

Where to Find Matching Christmas Pajamas

There are so many retailers that sell holiday family jammies with plenty of options. Even though I’m referring to Christmas pajamas right now, there are also Hanukkah pajamas for families, too. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate, there are ways to get into the holiday spirit and keep p with a new family tradition. It’s just that special time of year to do something special with your little ones and pj sets are an easy way to do it!

Old Navy

Family Christmas Pajamas

Old Navy offers INCREDIBLE selections when it comes to Family Christmas Pajamas. This is actually where I’ve bought many of our styles throughout the years. They have a wide range of sizes and have something for everyone, from the little sleepies to pajama pants for mama bear and papa bear. The best is that they have kids pajamas in every single design as the family pajamas, so you can’t go wrong.

Shop here.

Hanna Andersson

Family Christmas Pajamas

Hanna Andersson offers the best family Christmas pajamas, too! They have the most incredible organic cotton pjs and I’m obsessed with their quality and range of size options, too. I’ve always leaned on Hanna Andersson for clothing that will last and last! Not too long ago we featured beautiful Star Wars matching sweaters from them that we just can’t get enough of! They just have the best items! Make sure to check them out!

Shop here.

The Children’s Place


If you’re looking to amp it up this festive season, head to The Children’s Place. They’ve started their family matching section and it’s a gold mine for family matching pajamas. We actually bought some ADORABLE sets this year all ready to enjoy! They just have the cutest options and their matching family holiday pajamas are perfection! I can’t say enough about them!

Shop here.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

This is where I’ve got our family matching pajamas for Christmas for the last couple of years, too! BJ’s Wholesale has amazing options in club. I’ve enjoyed picking out styles that I know my family will love and be excited to wear. The best is that they have a RANGE of sizes, too. It’s not always easy to find sizes for all seven members of our family, but I never have an issue and I love the options they offer!

Become a member here.


Family Christmas Pajamas

I feel like Kohl’s is overlooked a lot when it comes to things like this, but they do have an incredible selection for matching Christmas pajamas. Take a moment to head over and see what kinds of selections they have for families. You’ll be surprised with the number of items that you will love when it comes to matching pajamas for the holidays.

Shop here.


Family Christmas Pajamas

When my William (who is now 17 years old) was a baby boy, this was where I bought our family’s first matching pajamas for Christmas. It was red flannel pjs in a set, and they were the cutest ever! I bought them each year for the kids and it was the most adorable sight for me to see them all matched up and looking cute as can be. See? These memories stick with you and make you smile. Check out the GAP for some matching holiday pajamas. They have a ton of items that would work if you wanted to buy from them.

Shop here.


Family Matching Pajamas

Target has a whole Christmas and holiday shop this season online devoted to matching Christmas pajamas. You’ll find something for everyone on your list, including Christmas pet pajamas, too. Make sure you take your time in going through all of the options and really honing in on the ones that will work for you and your family. Don’t just pick something fast, with all of the options, it really does give you the time to look around and find something special.

Shop here.

Many of the retailers I mentioned above have free shipping going on right now, too. Not to mention, many of them have incredible holiday deals and sales, too. It’s always fun to see what stores will have amazing deals as you get closer to the holidays. Since you’re buying for multiple people, it just makes sense to wait and see when certain items will be marked down a bit and I can say ALL of these retailers have offered incredible sales over the last few weeks.

Match up sister, brother, grandma – anyone! Matching Family Christmas Pajamas are perfect for all ages so there’s no reason not to do it every year. It’s even a great gift you could give everyone on Christmas Eve so you can grab a GREAT family photo under the Christmas tree the next morning.

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Start this holiday tradition as soon as you can, but don’t worry if you’re starting with older kids. You can ALWAYS start something new and make it fun and festive! That’s the beauty of traditions, you can start them at any time. My mother started family Christmas pajamas with her grandkids, and it’s been adorable watching them all get excited to see what Grandma purchases each year!

Matching Family Pajamas are just a fun thing to do with your family. If you’re going to start this fun tradition with your family, my only advice would be to make sure you get LOTS of photos! This is always a wonderful way to remember and keep this memory alive and well in your hearts all year long! My kids don’t know yet, but a little birdee me that Family Christmas Pajamas was on the list again this year!

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