10 Reasons To Drive a Chevy Traverse

When you have a big family, a big car is a must. There’s just no way around it and Chevrolet has always been our go-to car brand. Our very first “family” car was a Chevy Equinox, then a Chevy Uplander, and then a Chevy Suburban. We’ve always appreciated the safety features, technology, and comfort that our Chevy vehicles have given us as a family throughout the years.

This past April we decided to head to Florida for spring break with our family. We’ve been wanting to take a family vacation for the longest time and the most economical way for us to travel is to drive. We had the pleasure and incredible opportunity to partner with Chevy on our road trip to test drive their 2022 Chevy High Country Traverse.

We knew this road trip was going to be a LONG one, so we were very excited to know that we would be driving the 2022 High Country Traverse with all of its bells and whistles.

Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse

Our road map for this trip went:

Rhode Island to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh to Orlando

Orlando to Raleigh

Raleigh to Providence

I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours we clocked because we did lots of stopping along the way, but I can tell you this… the 2022 High Country Traverse made the trip comfortable, safe, and fun.

As we drove along, I have to admit… I fell in love with the car and the safety features and the technology it offers. The amazing thing is that I know these features aren’t just for the High Country, but for most the Chevy vehicles. Since there was so much about the 2022 High Country Traverse that I loved, I thought it would be easier to give you my top 10 reasons for getting one (some of which my sons helped me with, too!).

Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse

Reasons To Get a Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse:

1. Chevy Safety Assist: A suite of advanced safety features including – Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Following Distance Indicator, Forward Collision Alert, and IntelliBeam automatic high beam control. I felt so comfortable driving on the highway with these features. It’s like having a built-in helper.

2. Safety Alert Seat: This feature uses left, right, or both-side driver seat vibration pulses to help you identify the direction of potential crashes so you can quickly take action. I really loved this feature because it was subtle, but it still allowed me (or whoever was driving) to know to be aware.

3. Teen Driver: Teen Driver offers a number of customizable settings associated with a key fob to help encourage better driving behaviors. It can limit certain vehicle features, and automatically turn on certain safety systems if vehicle is equipped. An in-vehicle report card provides information on driving habits and helps continue to coach the new driver. Includes Buckle-to-Drive which prevents the driver from shifting from Park for up to 20 seconds if the driver’s seat belt is not fastened. Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with Chevy on their Teen Driver portion of their features because I have teen drivers. This is one of the BEST features that the Chevy vehicles offer because it’s peace of mind for a parent and there is help for your teen.

Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse

4. Adaptive Cruise Control: Can automatically maintain a driver-selected gap of time from the detected vehicle you’re following while you steer. This feature reduces your need to frequently brake and accelerate when you’re driving. My husband really enjoyed and loved this feature.

5. HD Surround Vision: Uses multiple cameras to display a digital overhead image of the area around your vehicle along with Rear Vision Camera or front views. It works at low speeds and may help you park and avoid nearby objects. Oh my goodness, it made it so easy to backup and feel safe, especially with a full car of people.

Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse

6. 4G LTE WiFi: Enables drivers to explore new features like a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capable of pairing up to seven devices, as well as improved access to existing OnStar safety and security services.  Hands down, my kids favorite feature. They NEVER have WiFi like this while we drive, so this was amazing for them.

7. USB ports in every row and 120-volt power outlet. This is just a true convenience. A true and utter convenience. I love that they make it easy for you to keep your devices charged rather than constantly taking turns with the front chargers.

Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse

8. Bose premium 10 speaker sound system. Just a nice feature to have your listening pleasure.

9. MyChevrolet App: Lets you turn your compatible mobile device into a convenient command center and puts control of your Chevy into the palm of your hand. I love that technology is so easy and user-friendly and they make it just that much easier.

10. Cargo Management System: The 60/40 3rd row split-folding seats fold down to allow for 98.2 cu. ft. of best-in-class cargo volume, giving you plenty of flexibility for your lifestyle needs, plus second-Row Smart Slide Seating – allows for easy and convenient access to the third row or cargo area. This was great for comfort, space, and packing! 🙂

Chevy 2022 High Country Traverse

I hope this post helps you when you’re trying to determine the right Chevy for you. I really enjoyed the High Country and would 100% be open to purchasing it. You can’t put a price on safety and this is exactly how I felt in the vehicle with my family.

I’ll be sharing some personal videos of my thoughts, too!

Check out more information here.

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