How To Do 2-Strand Twist Braids on your Hair

I’m always looking for easy hairstyles that I can share with you because I know that quick and easy is normally the best when it comes to busy moms. I love, love, love doing these 2-strand twist braids on my hair because it comes out so pretty.

How To Do 2-Strand Twist Braids on your Hair

There are times when you want your hair out of your face, but the typical ponytail just won’t do because you’re not feeling it. You want your hair to be up, but you want it a little prettier. Sometimes my hair just gets a little out of control and I just need it out of my face (and to be honest, this hairstyle works even better on a few days old hair).

How To Do 2-Strand Twist Braids on your Hair

These 2-strand twist braids have always been my go-to because they’re easy to do and you can make these work on any length of hair. You might not be able to go down as far as I do with the twisting, but you can get a pretty look and feel.

How To Do 2-Strand Twist Braids on your Hair

Here is a hair tutorial as to how I do my twist braids. I honestly think this is just about the cutest look you can do and I LOVE working out with this hairstyle, too. The best part is that your hair looks good and stays put.


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Hopefully, you will try these twist braids in your hair. I love how pretty and easy this braid hairstyle is for long hair. It’s such a pretty one and I love that it really does work for anyone at any age.

If you love braiding, here are 7 Braids for Beginners that you can do.

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