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I’m all about running with my daughter. As a matter of fact – the only time I can run is with her because I’m usually always with her! That’s a good thing, believe me! I love that I can run with a jogging stroller. I think it’s essential to be able to know about the best tips for a jogging stroller, too. My good friend Jessica Morrison is a new contributor for! She’s incredible at fitness and is sharing her top tips for running with a jogging stroller. Jessica has the blog: 30 Something Mother Runner.

Jogging Stroller

Jogging Stroller Tips:

One of the biggest obstacles for new and seasoned moms trying to establish a workout regimen is lack of child care. Often times after having a baby, you find yourself wanting to get back in shape, but not having the time or child care to do so! This is where the jogging stroller comes in!

Whether you choose to run or walk with a stroller, it’s a great way to get a good workout, while getting some fresh air for you and your baby or toddler. Without fail, a good dose of fresh air and endorphins makes your day better! While it may seem as simple as just pushing a stroller and running, there are a few things you can do to make it run smoothly (pun intended!) for you and your child.

Here are some great tips for jogging stroller:

Make sure that your infant fits the age specifications for your jogging stroller. Many of the popular jogging strollers like the BOB Revolution PRO and Joovy Zoom 360 have car sea adapters that you can use for infant car seats. You should not run with an infant under 6 months, unless baby is secure in a car seat. This is to ensure that baby has proper head and neck support while the stroller is moving. With the car seat adapter you can walk or run with the stroller before the six month cut off. When in doubt, talk to your pediatrician before jogging with baby in the stroller.

Lock the front wheel of the jogging stroller. Many jogging strollers have an option to lock the front wheel (some only have a locked front wheel). Locking the front wheel keeps the stroller moving straight ahead, rather than moving haphazardly one way or the other (dangerous for you and baby!).

Stock your stroller! Most jogging strollers have a basket underneath for you to stow snacks, water, an extra layer, toys, etc. When your kids are older, it’s nice to be able to provide them with drinks, snacks, and other items to keep them entertained on a longer run. It’s also great to carry an air pump if you have pneumatic tires and a first aid kit in case you need it.

Use the leash. The leash provides an extra layer of security if you are moving quickly and your hands slip off the handlebar. Also make sure that your child is properly secured in the seat with the harness.

Keep in mind that your pace will be SLOWER! Pushing the stroller is hard work, especially if you are pushing a big kid! It will slow you down, but it will also make you stronger.

It will feel strange not having the use of your arms. It may take you a while to adjust—try using one hand (make sure it is secured with the leash) and swinging your other arm as you normally would while running.


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