Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers

My sons have been having a TRUE BLAST with Crayola’s Crystal Effects Markers. I mean, a TRUE BLAST! They can’t get over the coolness and magical factor of these markers! If you haven’t heard of these yet or seen them – you NEED to make sure you grab a package of Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers next time you’re out.

Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers

Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers

What is so cool about Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers?

Check out my sons William and Alex giving their review and feedback!

Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers VIDEO REVIEW


  • Turn an ordinary window or mirror into a colorful crystal canvas
  • 8 bright, crystalized colors
  • Crystal effect is most intense with sun shinning through the window
  • Wipes off window with damp paper towel
  • Fully washable from windows, fabric and skin

Iced Over on a Summer Day
You don’t have to wait until winter to get a beautiful frosty pattern on your windows. Surprise everyone with ice crystals and snowflakes when the sun is blazing. Simply draw them on with Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers – they work with solar energy.

Easy On, Easy Off
Non-toxic Crystal Effects Window Markers flow on easily and they’re simple to remove with water when you want to change your artwork.

Package Contents
8 Crayola Washable Crystal Effects Window Markers – 7 jewel-like colors and white. 

Looking for a stocking stuffer?

These are awesomely awesome! I’m telling you – this are super fun and super cute and your kids will really love them!! I was just so blown away by how exciting they were for the boys. It was really cute to see them get all amp’d up to use them!! If you have little ones like me – they’re def a big hit! I also love that it’s NO MESS! You can’t possibly put a price on that benefit and feature!

Buy them HERE.

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