Home Office Ideas

I’m all about coming up with some Inspiring Home Office Ideas. It’s important. Dare I say it, it’s vital. I’m a big believer in that your work space inspires your work. If you’re working in an uninspired space, you’re not going to feel inspired every single day when you sit down to work. You want your work space to reflect who you are and display what brings you joy, happiness and motivation.

Home Office Ideas

home office ideas

I’m also a big believer in that your work space doesn’t have to be huge. When I started my blog way back in 2006, I started it from my living room couch and dining room table. I didn’t have a designated work space. I had places in my home that I worked. I could’ve worked anywhere, but I always felt more comfortable and inspired on my couch and on my dining room table. I would always sit with my favorite ultra-cozy blanket that I bought specifically just for me. It literally became known as “Mommy’s work blanket.” I loved wrapping myself in it and sitting down to work. When I worked at my dining room table, I would always sit where I was able to look out at my backyard and see life going on around me. I loved seeing people walk by. I loved seeing the sun rise and set. I loved seeing my kids playing in the backyard. It was just a very inspiring place to sit and get my work done.

I was finally able to create a designated work space in my house in 2010. That was the year my blog really started to take off and I desperately needed and wanted a bigger space that was my own. I remember going to IKEA and buying a desk and shelving. I couldn’t wait to get home and set everything up! That work space was my mecca for years until we moved this past summer. I filled that work space with everything and anything that inspired and motivated me. I took into account all of the Home Office Ideas that I had found throughout the years.

When we moved this past summer the ONLY big compromise in the move was that my work space was going to be much smaller. I knew that I would really only be able to fit a small desk and a couple shelving units. Since I was used to working in a big space, it was tough for me to get used to the change, but I made it work the best way I could. The problem with me was that I had invested in so many different pieces for my work space that I didn’t want to let everything go. I (literally) crammed everything into this small space and just tried to make it work. Guess what happened? I never worked in the space. It just became a dumping ground for any work things I had, but with no order. Every time I passed by, I got upset. It was anything but inspiring! I needed some Home Office Ideas because I went back to my old ways of working and just started sitting on my kitchen counter and working… I had my spot that I loved and it was good enough.

But finally… last weekend my husband (bless him) saw how chaotic it was and knew I needed some help in getting it in perfect shape. We pulled everything out of it (I wish I had a BEFORE photo) and completely did the space over. My husband painted the walls a pretty gray and then we got rid of my desk (it was actually falling apart). Those 2 “small” things really made a BIG change right out of the gate! My husband helped me place the furniture to make the room look as BIG as possible. The space I have it narrow, so it was important to make sure everything fit well and wasn’t too overwhelming.

I have to say… my FINAL LOOK is something I’m so proud of and just love so much! I took all of the Home Office Ideas that I had in my head and I made them work in here! OMG! It’s my fave space in the house right now!

Home Office Ideas

How can you create an inspiring space? What are some Home Office Ideas?

1. Hang up images that bring you joy and inspiration. That Martha’s Vineyard sign means so much to me because it’s one place on this earth that brings me so much happiness. I love it there!

2. Make sure your desk is sparse! Don’t have a ton of stuff out on it all the time. Have a place for everything. There’s nothing like a clean office.

3. Create a Vision Board in your space. Place images and words and photos that speak to you.

4. Surround yourself with books that matter. I always love looking around at the books I have because I really do feel that knowledge is a powerful thing to have around you.

5. Add some pieces of YOU! Favorite colors and/or textures. Add photos. Anything that truly reflects your personality, bring it in!

6. Keep it CLEAN!

7. Find some awesome quotes and display them on your desk and/or walls.

8. Have a cozy seat!

Your work space is your sacred space. Honor it and honor your work that you’re doing in it!

Home Office Ideas

If you’re looking for some store inspiration, let me recommend 3 of them: IKEA, Staples and AT HOME. These stores help me accomplish everything that I wanted to in my house. I also didn’t spend a ton either, which is a huge bonus for me, too!

If you need a few ideas as to how to spruce up your office, I have them for you, too! I showcased 5 ways to make it happen on the blog and I keep making sure I look back at these, too throughout the years! Love for you to share what you do and let me know what else I can add to the list! I’m big into making sure we all help each other out when it comes to staying and being inspired!

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