How to Make Sure Haircuts are Fun for Kids

How to make sure haircuts fun for your kids. Is it possible? Yes… I think it is! So how to make haircuts fun for your kids? My daughter hates to get her hair brushed. She’s been like this since she was a little girl. Every time I start to put the brush through her hair, she screams! I’ve tried everything to make it as pain-free as possible… right hairbrushes, right shampoo/conditioner, right detangler… you name it, I’ve tried it!

Haircuts are Fun for Kids

Haircuts Fun for Kids

I feel like at this point it’s more of a mind thing for her – she just *thinks* it’s going to hurt, so therefore it “does.” It always breaks my heart because (unfortunately for her) I need to wash her hair at least 2x a week because it’s SO LONG!

I’ve been telling her since Christmas that it was time for her to get a trim… she hadn’t had one in a YEAR! She’s been terrified to go. I mean, terrified. So terrified that I didn’t book an appointment because I was scared she’s scream. Finally last week I knew it was time. She needed to get something done because it was just way too long for her and it was getting very knotty at the ends. I booked an appointment and my stylist Joyce (who I love) suggested that we try to put some PINK extensions in Victoria’s hair. In that moment I knew that the pink hair might be the ONLY way I could get Victoria to go to the salon for a cut. The second I asked Victoria if she wanted PINK hair, she lit up with excitement! All of a sudden… believe it or not… we were COUNTING DOWN to haircut time!

And so… it dawned on me. In order to make haircuts fun for her, I needed to do something actually FUN for her! Pink hair was the answer!

Check out it out in action… How to Make Sure Haircuts are Fun for Kids

My girl! And so… the pink hair is IN her hair and she’s loving every single second! She’s has literally shown every single person we meet! “Look at my pink hair!” It was adorable and I was so glad my stylist suggested it!

Think outside of the box! Do something a little “crazy” and fun for your kids if they’re scared about getting a haircut. Make it something they won’t forget!

How to Make Sure Haircuts are Fun for Kids – it’s possible and it’s something to think about next time you head to a salon with your kids!!

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