Are you ready for the holidays!? I know so many of us are staying up late wrapping gifts and addressing those cards! It’s kind of never ending during this time of year, am I right? I thought it would be fun to host a fun DUNKIN’ GIVEAWAY!! I love me some Dunkin’ (like, LOVE!)… so what else better way to celebrate early mornings and late nights than with some fabulous caffeine brews!!

Whether you take it hot or cold… as tea or coffee (or even hot cocoa!)… Dunkin’ has something for everyone! The reason I love Dunkin’ so much is that their coffee literally gets me moving every single morning. It’s become a family joke that we ALWAYS have to have Dunkin’ coffee in the house. My mother in law even bought me for an early Christmas gift 5 bags of regular ground coffee from Dunkin’! It’s my THING! Dunkin Giveaway

I’m hoping it’s yours, too! If it’s not (yet)… here’s an opportunity to check it out and fall in love with Dunkin’!

So here’s my GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Card AND (2) Cozy Cup Holders!!!!!!!!

I’m going to make this holiday giveaway VERY easy for you! Nobody wants a million extra steps for anything during the holidays! Enter below for your chance to win!!

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  1. 12.17.19
    Donna C. said:

    My favorite breakfast brew is English Breakfast Tea

  2. 12.17.19
    KV said:

    I like hot chocolate.

  3. 12.17.19
    Brittany said:

    I like to drink hot chocolate in the mornings.

  4. 12.17.19
    Elle said:

    I like french vanilla coffee with skim milk and sugar.

  5. 12.17.19
    megan said:

    I like the French Vanilla

  6. 12.17.19
    Kelly D said:

    French roast coffee is my favorite.

  7. 12.17.19
    Will G said:


  8. 12.17.19
    Cheryl said:

    My favorite morning brew is Donut Shop K-Cups Extra Bold.

  9. 12.17.19
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I love a caramel swirl Macchiato!

  10. 12.17.19

    I like to get hot chocolate in the winter. I also like their apple cider when they have it.

  11. 12.17.19
    Colleen Boudreau said:

    Vanilla cappuccino!

  12. 12.17.19
    mami2jcn said:

    I’m a hot chocolate girl.

  13. 12.17.19
    Tracie Cooper said:

    I love a hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel drizzle!

  14. 12.17.19
    Rosie said:

    I love coffee, especially Dunkin by the bag. For the holidays, I like adding some NuNaturals Pumpkin Spice Syrup or the Coco Mint Syrup, or Peppermint stevia. So good!

  15. 12.17.19
    Tiffany Banks said:

    Hot chocolate is my favorite!

  16. 12.17.19
    Calvin said:

    Hot chocolate for sure.

  17. 12.18.19
    kelly tupick said:

    My favorite is a hot cup of medium roasted coffee with a little milk and sugar.

  18. 12.18.19
    Patty said:

    A nice hot tea is for me! ?

  19. 12.18.19
    Tara Furman said:

    Right now it’s peppermint Mocha. Love!!

  20. 12.18.19
    pam said:

    We have Eight o clock at home but I always get a Dunkin mid morning. Awesome giveaway!

  21. 12.18.19
    Alison McFadden said:

    My favorite is plain black coffee or a cafe latte.

  22. 12.18.19
    Daniel M said:

    just coffee black 1 sugar

  23. 12.20.19
    linda said:

    I like hot chocolate.

  24. 12.21.19
    Rajee Pandi said:

    I love caramel Macchiato

  25. 12.21.19
    Natalie said:

    My favorite morning brew is chai tea!

  26. 12.21.19
    Nataly Carbonell said:

    I love a caffe latte or cafe con leche!

  27. 12.22.19
    Michele Pineda said:

    I love salted caramel flavored or oreo flavored hot chocolate! Actually ANY hot chocolate lol!

  28. 12.22.19
    Stephanie Ann said:

    My favorite in the morning is a cafe latte! I love it !

  29. 12.23.19
    Lauren said:

    I love a steaming hot cup of Dunkin Dark Roast in the morning

  30. 12.24.19
    Wendy Browne said:

    I like house blend with a dash of whole milk or cream. I would gift this to my oldest kid who takes public transit, it would be a nice distraction.

  31. 12.24.19
    Jeremy McLaughlin said:

    Like a black coffee with sugar and creamer.

  32. 12.24.19
    Megan Davis said:

    Basically any coffee with a great creamer. I’m all about the seasonal offerings at Dunkin!

  33. 12.24.19
    LynneMarie said:

    In the morning I’m fond of a Dark Roast as I like the nice, rich coffee flavor of them. And the aroma is awesome too!!

  34. 12.24.19
    Cassandra D said:

    I like the cold brews and iced coffee.

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