Family Challenges: 30 Days of Kindness for your Kids

I’m all about trying to create some Family Challenges that will bring some fun and positivity to people right now. Our neighborhood is doing some really fun things right now to keep things fun and light for the families and it’s so appreciated. It’s all about coming up with unique ideas that will spread some happiness!

Family Challenges: 30 Days of Kindness for your Kids

Family Challenges - 30 Day Kindness Challenge for Kids

I’ve shared many family challenges on my blog throughout the years, but all of them require you to actually go outside and do something and be with other people. It’s tough to share that kind of stuff right now because it’s impossible to do. Since I’m all about spreading kindness, I thought a 30 Days of Kindness (which I’ve written before!) would be fun, but with a different twist.

What is the pure definition of KINDNESS? It’s pretty simple.

noun: kindness
1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
I wanted to set up some Family Challenges around KINDNESS. To be friendly. To be generous. To be considerate. It really is the best way to be and it’s the best way to live. If you stop and think about it, the people you probably love being around the most are the kindest ones. Kind people are magnets for people. Being kind isn’t a hard thing to do and right now we need kindness more than ever.
I created this family challenge (and will be creating more family challenges, so keep checking on back!) to help some spread some kindness for you and your family to yourselves and to others. You don’t need to do these family challenges of kindness in order, do whatever sparks you that day (or do more than one, too!).
Start whenever you want and have some fun with these! I tried to make them all pretty simple and pretty straightforward. I didn’t want this to be anything that was too difficult to do!! Being KIND shouldn’t be hard, right?! I also tried to make it where I’m encouraging KINDNESS in many different ways!
Day #1 – Write an email to a family member that you’re missing right now
Day #2 – Hang string lights outside your home for people to enjoy and to see
Day #3 – Download Facebook Messenger for Kids app and surprise a friend with a video call
Day #4 – Clean your bedroom without having your mom or dad asking you to do it
Day #5 – Run a bubble bath for your mom or dad (surprise!)
Day #6 – Take chalk and write some inspirational words on your driveway for neighbors to see
Day #7 – Write a Thank You email to a teacher or friend who has gone out their way to help you throughout this time
Day #8 – Order your favorite book for a friend and have it delivered to their door
Day #9 – Call someone to say HELLO and check in on them
Day #10 – Draw a picture for someone at home
Day #11 – Write little notes and surprise your family. Put them in drawers. Put them in the fridge. Cute little happiness notes.

Day #12 – Call a local store or restaurant and THANK them for what they’re doing.

Day #13 – Make breakfast for someone

Day #14 – Make a picture and virtually send it (email or text) to someone (maybe grandparents)

Day #15 – Call to check in on a neighbor

Day #16 – Pick flowers and leave them on the doorstep of someone who lives near you for them to admire

Day #17 – Decorate your windows with drawings for people to admire

Day #18 – Create a live video feed for a family member to be able to cook with your child or do a craft with them. Make someone’s day

Day #19 – Write letters to your family members at home saying why you love them

Day #20 – Bake a family member’s favorite cookie to surprise them

Day #21 – Let one of your family members sleep in

Day #22 – Walk around your neighborhood and wave to everyone you see and say HELLO

Day #23 – Draw pictures on the street near your house with chalk to bring some happiness to people

Day #24 – Hang inspirational words in your windows

Day #25 – Surprise your mom and match the socks up for her

Day #26 – Read a book aloud to someone over video chat to make them happy

Day #27 – Hang a heart on your front door to show your love for everyone helping out right now

Day #28 – Give 10 complements today

Day #29 – Walk your neighborhood and pick up any trash on the ground

Day #30 – You pick. What’s ONE kind thing you could do today? Inspire someone else to do something KIND.

Feel free to print these out and have some extra KIND fun for the next 30 DAYS!! Random Acts of Kindness are amazing, too! It’s all about finding some family challenges that are fun and exciting for people.
If you’re looking for any other things to do that are kind for people, host online parties and invite people! You could have ANY kind of party! I shared about how we’re going to be hosting a virtual birthday party for our son Ben. He’s turning 13 in April and won’t be able to have the party he so wanted to have. I shared all the details on how to host the best virtual birthday here, too!
Remember – we’re all in this together! I hope these family challenges help you and makes you and your kids spread and share some kindness. Most important, I hope this inspires other to follow suit and do the same!


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