Hope is Contagious – ConnectPack 3 AVAILABLE

I definitely need some silver linings right now.

School started for the kids at home.

It’s been good, but it’s an adjustment.

I’m looking and praying for an end for all of this… the one thing keeping me sane is that I know we’re all in this together.

If you missed our Hope is Contagious mission – we want to foster human connection and it’s more important now than ever. You will see a daily download of a brand new “ConnectPack” where each day new activities will be available for download at 2021co.com and Momgenerations.com and will include an inspirational quote to print and share, a card-coloring activity with ideas on who might be most in need and Q+A interview style exercise to do with older kids.

This time in our lives is both unprecedented and uncertain. It may be hard to imagine right now, but we will experience some positive impact through all of this. We all will all tap into resources we didn’t know we had. We will grow from this and our strength and resilience will grow accordingly.

Hope is Contagious

Here is what to do with ConnectPack THREE:

  • Print and display the Louisa May Alcott quote: I AM NOT AFRAID OF STORMS, FOR I AM LEARNING HOW TO SAIL MY SHIP.” and explain to kids it’s only when we are challenged that we have the opportunity to grow and become stronger. Kids as well as adults are stretching themselves in ways that could never have been predicted, but will emerge with new skills and strength for future use in life.
  • Today’s card can be colored and sent to someone who is currently working under stormy conditions like a teacher, first responder or even an employee at your local market.  Kids can decide for themselves who might be in need of a little encouragement.
  • Lastly, today’s question, “What are the skills you are learning now that might help you later in life?” can spark a thoughtful conversation with an older child or young adult.


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