Virtual Party: How to Host a Cocktail Party

Looking to host a virtual party? How about a virtual cocktail party? It’s an easy and fun way to bring people together and have a good time. Whether you’re planning to host your online parties on ZOOM or Facebook LIVE (or another way) doing everything virtually is all the rage right now.

Virtual Party: How to Host a Cocktail Party

Virtual Party - How to Host a Virtual Cocktail Party

It’s the easiest and best way to enjoy time with family and friends with a friendly cocktail (or mocktail).

With so much changing in the world right now, it’s important to make sure we’re still being social. It’s not easy being a social being when you can’t be more than 6 feet from someone!


I’ve been researching and looking for ways to throw a virtual party in the most successful of ways. A cocktail party is the easiest way to go because you don’t need much to make it happen.

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I want to share some ideas and tips on how to a successful virtual party. Whether it to be business cocktail party with work colleagues, hosting a holiday cocktail party (Easter, birthday, anniversary, etc) or just a regular ole cocktail party with your family and friends, all that matters is that a good time is had by all!

I had so much fun writing about throwing some online parties on how to host a virtual birthday party! It’s possible to do!

Virtual Party - How to Host a Virtual Cocktail Party

Here are some details when it comes to planning a virtual cocktail party:

How to host a virtual cocktail party

Virtual Party: Pick a theme.

When it comes to planning some online parties, especially with a virtual party it’s important to have a theme. You don’t need the theme to be something extravagant or over the top, but it’s important to make sure you have a common thread, a common line so to speak for the party as you’re planning your virtual party.

Do you want it to be a holiday cocktail party? Do you want it to be a seasonal cocktail party? Do you want it to be a couple’s cocktail party? Do you want it to be a game show cocktail party?

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Stop and think about what would make the party a fun one for you and your guests. If you need some extra help coming up with some party ideas for a cocktail party look around online and (I suggest Pinterest) for some extra fun ideas!

Virtual Party: Guest list.

Who are you going to invite!? Make your list! If you plan to host your party on ZOOM, you know that the good thing about a virtual party is that you can have a bunch of people attend at once! You can have up to 100 participants in a ZOOM, so your online party will be filled with lots of fun.

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My advice is to make sure you’re giving people enough time in advance to make sure they can make it and plan for it. Don’t spring it on them the day of, make sure you treat it like an actual party that you would throw at your home.

Invite people through an evite or paperless invite and give them the details – who, what, where, how and when!

I love a full guest list for any party, but it’s extra fun for a cocktail party. I know 100 people seems a bit much (especially with everyone online and potentially talking over each other), maybe try for 25 – which would be very manageable!

Virtual Party: Cocktail Party Checklist.

Make sure you have a set checklist. It’s something that I feel is important for every party, but especially one that’s remote and virtual. You need to make sure you have everything set when you’re hosting online parties because you’re the one that will be leading the party. You need to make sure everyone is having a good time!

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What do you need on your checklist?

Make sure you have your set guest list.

Make sure you have good lighting, you want people to be able to see you!

Make sure you have a good connection for your WiFi.

Make sure you greet everyone when they come on in!

Make sure you have a set itinerary for your party. Maybe you have music planned to play. Maybe you have a special cocktail created for the party. Maybe you have a special guest. Maybe you have a game or questions you want to ask everyone.

Just make sure you have a good plan in place! You’ll be happy you did as the party begins!

Virtual Party: Cocktail party activities.

This is probably the most important part of any party, the activities! When you go to a blowing party, you expect to bowl. You know that it’s the activity that will be performed because that’s what kind of party it is. When you’re going to a trampoline party, you’re going to be jumping on trampolines. When you’re going to a dance party, you’re going to do dance!

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When you’re hosting a virtual cocktail party, make sure you have an activity lined up for your guests.

Maybe you’re going to have some music playing for a dance party. Like 80’s music? Let everyone jam out to the music.

Maybe you’re going to have someone play an instrument or sing. Many times at cocktail parties there’s entertainment, so this is a great way to do it online, too.

Maybe you’re going to have some fun games for people to play. You can find some great online games that would work for a crowd and get those rolling for your guests.

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Maybe you’re going to have everyone dress in a certain color or in certain attire for your cocktail party.

Maybe you’re going to have an artist friend who can draw some cool pictures during the party.

Or maybe you just want to enjoy each other’s company and toast a cocktail!

There are tons of ways to host a virtual party with a cocktail, just make sure you have fun while being at it and while hosting it! It’s sure to bring some happiness to people in your life!

Virtual Party: Cocktail party etiquette.

I personally think it’s important to always make sure you have proper party etiquette at a party, even if it’s virtually.

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Make sure you introduce everyone.
Make sure everyone talks or feels included.
Make sure you’re keeping the party moving.
Make sure you’re smiling and hosting to the best of your ability!
I wanted to make sure I showed you that it is possible to host a virtual cocktail party. I love a good cocktail party with family and friends, so I love being able to take it offline to online during this unprecedented time.
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It won’t be as easy to do in person, but it could be as fun if you play your cards right and plan it out.Make sure you check out my latest online “party”! Vera Sweeney and I are hosting THE RESET, a digital lifestyle show for moms and dads out there navigating this new world!Virtual Party - How to Host a Virtual Cocktail Party

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