Outdoor Activities Near Me

Anyone else sick of hearing, “Mom – I’m bored!” My kids have already started this summer and I’ve already had it! There are so many outdoor activities near me for them to do, it’s impossible for them to be bored. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE. I spent about an hour yesterday going through all the activities that they could do (even some without me!) during the summer.

Outdoor Activities Near Me


If you’re like me and looking for activities for your kids to do this summer, take the time to think about what you have near you. It’s not always easy to think about the questions outdoor activities near me, but it’s something that is important for you to do. I’m all about making sure I have a solid list and you should, too!

When you’re sitting down to think about outdoor activities near me, think about 5 things:

1. What’s one thing all y kids will enjoy?

2. How far is the activity from my house?

3. Will the outdoor activity be free?

4. Is the outdoor activity something we could do again and again?

5. Is it an activity that my kids could do on their own?

Summer 2020

I know coming up with a solid list of outdoor activities near me is something that will be personal to families. I know that there are things in Rhode Island that families won’t be able to do in other states (and vice versa). In order to get you thinking and going about summer activities and things to do with your kids in the summer, I wanted to create a master list for you.


Look at this list as a guide. Make sure it’s a list that you know you can look at and be inspired from for your family. Maybe you will highlight items and keep it for later in the summer. The point is it to make sure you know that you have a stndby list to get you started. It’s not always easy coming up with ideas!


Here are 51 outdoor activities for the summer. These are all activities that you can do when thinking about outdoor activities near me. I know that not all of these you will be able to do, but I just wanted to get a list started for you! It’s a fun list and even as I was putting it together I was thinking about my kids.

Beach Trip
Bike Ride
Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Fly Kites
Lemonade Stand
Mini Golf
Waterpark Fun
Pool Swimming
Plant a Garden
Camping Trip
Build a Sandcastle
Roller Blading
Visit a Farmer’s Market
Explore a City Nearby
Build an Outdoor Fort
Picnic at the Park
Pick-Up Basketball Game
Visit a Local Playground
Watch the Sunset
Watch the Sunrise
Eating Outdoors
Outdoor Obstacle Course
Spray Park
Drive-In Movie Night
Car Wash
Community Garden
Collect Shells
Outdoor Carnivals
Outdoor Concerts
Yoga in the Park
Arts & Crafts Afternoon
Golfing Lessons
Swim Lessons
Neighborhood Kickball Game
Laser Tag
Rock Climbing
Zip Lining
Strawberry Picking
Sunflower Picking
Visit a Local Farm
Local Baseball Game
Head to the Zoo
Boat Trips
Family 5K

My biggest piece of advice for you right now is to take this list and then create a massive Summer Bucket List, too. I love to sit down with my kids and come up with ideas for summer activities. My kids range in age from 6-15 years old, so it’s important to have a list that covers something for everyone!

Sunflowers for the Summer

We create 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas to help you out, too! This DOES include indoor activities, too but I just wanted you to get an idea of what you could do with your kids. It’s just a massive brain dump. That’s the easiest way for me to describe creating a Summer Bucket List.

I hope you take the time to create outdoor activities near me lists for you and your family. I feel like it’s something that will definitely help drive your summer plans. Thankfully right now with families being able to do more and more, it’s still important to make sure you’re taking all precautions.


Summer activities are important for families to do together and right now we’ve got to do everything we can to ensure this happens! I’m all about keeping my 5 kids as busy as can be this summer for the sanity of us all. I know we can’t fly anywhere or travel far and wide, but there is so much to do around where we live.

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  1. 6.26.20
    bn100 said:

    lots of fun activities

  2. 6.27.20
    rana durham said:

    i love all these fun activities that i can share with my family and friends

  3. 6.27.20
    mami2jcn said:

    I haven’t been kite flying since I was a kid. All of these are great ideas.

  4. 6.27.20

    These are great ideas for getting out and about

  5. 6.27.20
    Elizabeth Miller said:

    We love making homemade popscicles. It is always SUCH A FRESH TASTE.

  6. 6.28.20
    Kristen Osborne said:

    The arts and crafts afternoon is definitely something my daughter and I would love to do together. We try to get to at least one farmers market every other week. I love the fresh fruits and vegetables and all the fresh made treats and other foods.

  7. 6.28.20
    Kristen Osborne said:

    We love going to farmers markets for all the fresh produce and homemade treats and other delicious foods.

  8. 6.28.20

    These are awesome

  9. 6.28.20
    Antoinette M said:

    Love all the ideas.

  10. 6.28.20
    Daniel Scott said:

    Backyard camping has been a big hit and so has taking the dogs to the puppy park. Everyone has been great with social distancing, not petting each other’s dogs, and bringing water and bowls for their dogs. We have been able to keep our park open while other towns closed their parks.

  11. 6.29.20
    kathy Persons said:

    No chance to “Get Bored” with all these ideas

  12. 6.29.20
    Stephanie Larison said:

    I can’t wait to go strawberry picking with the family!

  13. 6.29.20

    Such great ideas and a lot I had not thought of myself. Thank you!

  14. 6.29.20
    Jenny Ham said:

    What a nice long list of ideas for the summer thanks for sharing.

  15. 7.7.20
    Carolsue said:

    Lots of good ideas. It’s hard to come up wih stuff to do with the current situation!
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