Easy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a week away! It’s always such a fun and easy holiday to celebrate because there’s not much pressure attached to it. You can (literally) just have some lucky fun! I thought it would be cute to share some easy ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family.

Easy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

There always seems to be pressure attached to holidays. With Christmas, I always feel pressure when it comes to buying gifts and entertaining family and friends. On Valentine’s Day, I always feel pressure about getting reservations in time and making sure I plan enough ahead on a romantic gift. With Halloween, it’s all about making sure we’re stocked on candy and that costumes have arrived on time. Thanksgiving, it’s all about lots of prepping and cooking.

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day it’s just an EASY and FUN holiday. There’s no pressure to cook a massive meal. There’s no pressure to entertain friends and family. There’s no pressure to buy gifts or really even dress up. It’s actually the perfect kind of holiday! And the best part – it doesn’t matter if you’re Irish or not (although, I’m 50%!).

What can you do to celebrate the lucky day?

I’ve got a few easy ways for you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the ones you love!



Fashion over 40

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve worn green on St.Patrick’s Day (even if just a hat!). You can go all out from head to toe, or you can do something subtle. This is the first year Victoria isn’t wearing a green tutu and something over-the-top to school, but that’s the beauty of this holiday – anything goes! Simply grab your green hat, hair ribbon, top, pants, skirt, dress, shoes, or hat, and wear it proudly!

Check out some St. Patrick’s Day fashion inspo.


OK, there are still lots of parades that will happen on St. Patrick’s Day and over the upcoming weekend. It doesn’t matter where you live, I promise you there’s something happening. St. Patrick’s Day parades are some of the best ones to go to because the music is incredible and the dancing is so beautiful and fun to watch.



For all of my fellow parents out there, have “Lucky the Leprechaun” come to your house. I’ve written throughout the years some fun and crazy things for “Lucky” to do, but you can do whatever it is that you want. Lucky has turned our milk green with green dye. Lucky has turned our toilet bowl green. He’s even toilet-papered the kitchen. This is just a fun thing for you to do with your little ones (or big ones!).

Check out some of these ideas that I’ve shared before here.


St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know I love a good hairstyle. I have some cute and easy St. Patrick’s Day hairstyles for you to try for the lucky day. I love being able to have something fun to do on Victoria’s hair because it’s such a simple way to have some fun with the lucky day.

Here are 5 St. Patrick’s Day hairstyles for you to try.


Plastic St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Coins

This is a fun way to have some fun at work or with your kids. Buy some chocolate gold coins and leave them as surprise gifts. It’s all about the luck of the Irish, so have some fun! Just a cute way to spread the lucky love.


Wondering what to eat on St. Patrick’s Day? Make corn beef and cabbage or order in! This has always been what I’ve eaten with my family for St. Patrick’s Day and it’s a tradition I love to continue with them, too.


My sons used to love doing fun little St. Patrick’s Day crafts. You don’t have to do anything over the top or intensive, even just drawing a shamrock together can be fun. Last year Victoria and I made green slime, which was a ton of fun, too.


l-r: Henry, Ben, Alex, Grandma Rita, William

My grandma used to love getting St. Patrick’s Day cards from me and then my kids. She was 100% Irish, so it was extra special for her. I know snail mail isn’t something many of us do anymore, but it’s still fun to get that surprise little letter or card in the mail.

Have FUN with St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate the best way you want and make it as over the top or simple for yourself!!


Best Hair Products

When it comes to hairstyles for kids, I feel like I could write a book! 🙂 We do hairstyles together almost every single day.

1. I know that it’s not always easy to have Victoria sit still, but a book, a device, or just talking time helps. Sometimes we play a game and that will help keep her still (although if you know my girl, she doesn’t like to sit still!).

2. I love using a leave-in conditioner spray on Victoria’s hair before I start. I just like to make sure there aren’t any tangles before we get going.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Spray

3. I love using hair oil, too on Victoria. It makes her hair nice and shiny and smooth to work with. I feel like this has been a huge game-changer for her when it comes to flyaways and keeping it healthy.

Sol De Janeiro's Nourishing Oil

4. I love using hair elastics that don’t damage the hair.

I will continue to recommend the products we use and love because I think it’s important to share what people use that works.

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