Summer Bucket List: 101 Things To Do Over the Summer

Are you in the middle of your summer vacation? I know we are right now! I’m all about trying to find some fun things to do in the summer months. I like my calendar to be full of stuff! It’s who I am and how I like to do things! Even thought we’re in the middle of the summer keep hunting for  Things To Do Over the Summer. It’s never too late to create or draft out some Summer Bucket List Ideas. It’s something you can all do and have some fun doing it, too! Whether you’re on vacation or just looking for things to do at night!

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Ideas

I love the summer. It’s my favorite time of year! This summer feels like it’s been going by in fast forward motion! WHAT!!?? PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!! I’m all about trying to make every single second count in the summer because it always flies by in a flash! I hate when I feel like summer just began, all of it sudden it’s OVER!! It’s the worst part for me – seeing the beautiful, warm summer months come to and end.

It’s time to make those Summer Bucket List Ideas! It’s time to come up with some fresh and new ideas and get them on paper! It’s time to make magic happen and really embrace the summer with your arms wide open! It’s time and it’s a fabulous time to get out there and have some summer fun!

Things To Do Over the Summer

Good news is… Summer is STILL HERE (thank goodness!).  Let’s get ready to have some extra fun!! The last official day of summer is September 4th, 2017. This means that there’s still a ton of time to get some fun summer stuff done and checked off your bucket list! You’ve got about 3 weeks left to have some fun, so I wanted to share things to get done and enjoy before summer is officially over!

Believe me, there’s time! Make that Summer Bucket List TODAY!

Things To Do Over the Summer

Visit the Zoo
Bikes Rides
Hike in the woods
Neighborhood scavenger hunt
Lemonade Sale
Family Yard Sale
Head to the Park and Fly a Kite
Build a Fort Outside
Visit a Local Playground
Play a Game of Croquet
Fishing Trip
Build a Sandbox
Play Baseball
Play Soccer
Enjoy Swimming Lessons
Walk on the Beach
Have a Family Cookout
Massive Game of Tag
S’mores on the Deck
Blow Bubbles
Sidewalk Chalk Fun
Make a Birdhouse
Make Gardening Stones
Enjoy a Picnic in the Park
Morning Breakfast Outside
Make your own Ice Cream
Roller Skate
Play Hopscotch
Visit a Local Waterpark
Find a Nature Preserve
Plan a Family Reunion
Painting Project Outside
Visit a Botanical Garden
Go Flea Market Shopping
Visit a local Nursery
Visit a Aviary
Outside Yoga
Summer Haircuts
Make a Spray Park at Home
Water Fight
Egg Toss
Water Balloon Toss
Go Frog Hunting
Build a Rock Wall
Plant a Vegetable Garden
Children’s Theater
Canoe Rides
Kayak Trip
Jump Rope
Decorate Flower Pots
“I Spy” Bingo around your Neighborhood
Dance Party Outside
Puppet Show Outside
Bouncy House Fun
Make Beautiful Flower Arrangements
Tye-Die a Shirt
Build a Playhouse
Movie Night Outside
Street Hockey
Beach Trip
Travel to a Local Boardwalk
Sprinkler Time
Decorating Summer Cupcakes
Bocce Ball
Wiffle ball game
Friendship Bracelet Making
Kickball Game
T-Ball Time
Make Slushies
Pizza Making Night
Smoothie night
Hide and go seek
Plant a Tree
Head to a Professional Baseball Game
Try Surfing
Magic Show Outside
Summer Party Celebration at HOME with Friends
Visit Local Library – Summer Reading
Pokemon Go! Time
Back to School Shopping
Visit a Local City
Boat Ride
Watch the Sunset
Watch the Sunrise
Beach Run
Neighborhood Block Party
Lounge Around All DAY
Outdoor Eateries
Amusement Park Fun
Visit Arcades
Build Sandcastles
Outdoor Music Concerts
Ferry Trip
Early Walks
Summer Scrapbooking
Playdate with School Friends
Volleyball Time

What did I miss? What else can I add? I’m thrilled to have this full list and share it with you today!! Let’s have some summer fun together with this list! I feel like there could be a hundred more things to add in here, too! It’s always a great idea to have someone make it with you! Sit down with your kids and have everyone come up with one or two things. Have some fun with it and really make it count! You live once… make it a great list for the summer!

Summer Bucket List

When in doubt – you can always check out local beaches, too! I love to head to Newport Beaches website in my hometown to see what stuff is going on in the summer. I always say that with the summer comes beach or pool time. It’s essential to make sure you have these on your list!

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